The Academic Profile of Open Gate School

Open Gate is a Czech school primarily for Czech children, which meets the criteria of the best schools in the world. The Open Gate educational programme lies between two educational systems. One which is in accordance with the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, the other which meets the requirements of the International Baccalaureate (IB). As a result, the students of Open Gate obtain an education which assures entry to any university in the world.

The low number of students in every class enables the teachers to approach them individually. During the teaching of languages, the students are further divided into small groups, according to their abilities and performance. No one will thus be surprised that the headmaster knows each student by name. In this way, a family atmosphere of the school is supported.

Open Gate Primary School

The philosophical framework for primary school teaching is the "Opening the Gates Educational Programme". We look for ways leading to the heart and soul of each child and, centring on the development of his social, physical, emotional and cultural needs, we provide the education needed. What is stressed is the all-round development of our pupils' personalities together with language teaching.

Život v Open Gate - žáci základní školy

Our pupils gain knowledge through using the most up to date study equipment and trough participating in educational and also extracurricular activities already prepared for them. Thus, they grow into brave, open students who are able to ask, think critically, communicate, have a broad overview and systems of values and the ability of self evaluation. In this way, through these conscious discoveries, they are then able to find the answers to the most crucial of questions. The teacher is the one who functions as a guardian on their way to knowledge using positive verbal evaluation to motivate the pupils to further self-education. The after-school activities develop the children's creativity, physical condition, their relationship to art, nature and to practical skills.

Open Gate Grammar School | From Prima to Kvarta

At the lower level of grammar school education, from Prima to Kvarta, the main language is Czech, but a large space is left for English from the beginning. Already in Prima, the students are able to choose from a list of additional languages - they usually decide whether to take Spanish, German or French - and from Tercia onwards, this additional language becomes compulsory. The method of language teaching at the school allows to accept students who cannot speak foreign languages. Previous experience confirms that students accepted at Open Gate without the knowledge of English have managed to succeed with excellent IB results at the end of their eight year stay.

English terminology is used in all subjects apart from subjects concerning the Czech language, we frequently work with English texts and textbooks. The CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning - is part of the trend of modern strategies of bilingual education. Students thus gain further knowledge and skills needed for studying at the higher levels of the grammar school.

One of the special integrated subjects at the lower level is bio-science, which enables the students to gain an integrated and complex view on natural laws and phenomena.

Open Gate Grammar school | From Kvinta to Octava

At the higher level of grammar school education, from Kvinta to Octava, the main language is English, with the exception of Czech, Czech literature and realia. Stress is further placed on the learning of another language, whether French, Spanish, German, or other.

Students learn English not only during the lessons but also in direct communication with teachers at clubs and during extra curricular activities. The school provides a rich program over the weekends as well for students who do not travel home. In addition, parents contribute to school life as well.

Teachers apply such methods which develop the intellectual and personal capacities of the students. These would include discussions, experimenting, problem solving, collective work, presentations and last but not least the acceptance of responsibility for one's own actions.

Project Teaching

The projects represent a form of teaching which uses principles of interactive learning, supports cooperation and education through experience. Simultaneously, this teaching discourages the isolation and fragmentation of the students´ findings. These projects are part of the extracurricular activities and they intersect school education and broaden students' knowledge.

School Leaving Examination | Czech and the International IB

The grammar school leaving exam at Open Gate becomes optional for the students. Some students only take the IB. This is taken by those who want to study abroad. There is a number of those, who attend both exams - the IB and the Czech school-leaving exam. Then there are students, who have decided to study in the Czech Republic and choose to take the Czech school leaving exam and the IB certificates from subjects in which they want to develop themselves further.

Open Gate offers the possibility of study to children who lived in socially disadvantaged conditions but are gifted, or who show effort to study and self-improvement in order to better their social status-to push the starting line to the level of the luckier ones.

Social Responsibility

Common dormitory life where people from various social backgrounds and their integration into various extracurricular activities, many of which are concerned with social cause, lead not only to the development of social perception but also to the development of the intellectual part of their personality.

The Campus

One of the many special features of student life are the so-called assemblies. These are celebrative gatherings which happen each Monday, where students and teachers meet up at the school theatre. Many interesting guests attend these meetings and the past and future activities of the school are discussed in great detail.

the School

The school premises are equipped up to date. There are modern classrooms with data projectors, students have internet access and the computer room has high tech equipment, there is a swimming pool, gym and a modern refectory. There also is a theatre, library with study, club houses, a café, dormitories and a new high tech hall for social and sport activities on the premises of the school.