The Kellner Family Foundation

The Kellner Family Foundation

The Kellner Family Foundation's main goal is to support education. Since its conception, The Foundations has expended significant resources to help hundreds of children and young people whose path to education would have been very difficult otherwise.

Since 2002, Renáta and Petr Kellner have actively support gifted children and young people from socially disadvantaged areas. In 2002, they started to run the Educa Foundation designed to support students at Open Gate boarding school. Gradually however, the Foundation broadened its focus and began to support university students in the Czech Republic and abroad. In 2011, the Educa Foundation merged with The Kellner Family Foundation which overtook all of its existing projects.

The Kellner Family Foundation, apart from supporting education, engages in other projects. It helps to bring back the philanthropic traditions and to renovate the Czech cultural heritage. More information can be found on the Foundation website.

Scholarship for Open Gate Grammar School Students

There still exist young people who come from socially disadvantaged areas and for whom to study at secondary school is only an impossible dream or an unreachable goal. For instance, these are the children from children's homes, broken families, low-income families and from other environments that do not support education.

The aim of Open Gate and The Foundation is to support gifted children and young people so that their dream of receiving education comes true. Since 2005, when the Open Gate Grammar School first opened, The Foundation has been financially supporting approximately two thirds of its students. The condition for being accepted is a successful passing of the entrance exam.

The educational style the school offers makes it possible for the children who are disadvantaged right at the beginning of their path in life to become educated, independent and self-confident adults who know the worth of their education, appreciate it in themselves and in others and who will continually deepen their knowledge. They will grow into well-rounded individuals who are an asset to the society.

Practical advice for social scholarship applicants at Open Gate

Students can ask The Managing Board for partial or full scholarship simultaneously with sending the Open Gate Grammar School study application form. The foundation provides support to newly accepted Prima students and to those who have come to Open Gate from other grammar schools.

The scholarship then partially or fully covers the tuition fees. 100 percent support from the Foundation includes all expenses connected with study, books, accommodation, dining, school uniforms, free time activities, health and psychological care, laundry, library and internet access, the school swimming pool, gym, outside sports facilities, ski course, exchange trips home and abroad.

You can download the scholarship application form here
Guardians not only send the filled application form but also a letter confirming that the school is allowed to use their personal date. The letter has to be send to The Foundation address by post.

University Project | Financial Grants for University Students

Studying at a prestigious Czech or especially foreign university is not only a matter of exceptionally clear personal priorities and positive ambitions, but also of finances. Some universities offer possibilities for the young people to significantly increase their working career chances. At the same time however, due to high expenses, the education offered is available only to a low number of Czech secondary school graduates.

A university grant can be a solution. The Kellner Family Foundation and its University Project enables Open Gate and other graduates to draw financial support for educational purposes. The applicant has to prove that the grant is a necessity for him and that his existing study results are in balance with his ambition to study at the university of his choice. He also has to show that he is able to meet the demands of studying abroad, far from home and in different cultural conditions.

The Foundation not only supports students studying at well-known, prestigious universities in Great Britain and in the USA but also in Italy, Germany, France, or even in Hong Kong.

Practical Advice for Project University Grant Applicants

The applicants can ask The Foundation Managing Board for grants until the end of May of each year. The application form is available at the University/Grant Conditions section of The Foundation website

The grant application form should contain the following:

  • the position of the chosen university in the World or European university chart; reasons of choice;
  • financial plan, including the expected family or other subject's contribution;
  • casual photo;
  • if it be the case, the list of other grants the student has applied for or received;
  • Current education certificate and the study results from the past four years, or the GPA number;
  • the list of foreign languages the applicant speaks, copies of language exams certificates;
  • essay on “My interests and Future Plans” written in Czech and English, 1000 words max;
  • recommendation written by a member of the teaching staff or by a person who significantly contributes to the applicant's academic or artistic development;
  • exceptional academic or artistic awards and results such as important national and international competition prizes;
  • current family information, its members;
  • a confirmation of the family financial situation - always for a completed year: a confirmation of income written by the employer, tax return, social benefits, etc.