Preparation for Admission Examinations for the 2018/19 School Year, Ref. 79-41-K/81

From 2017, we do not organize trial exams and instead adhere to the state uniform entrance exams for all eight-year grammar schools.

The official CERMAT website includes previous assignments and exercises.

Simultaneously, we recommend practice training at your primary school, if available, or prepratory courses at any available eight-year grammar school (as the entrance exam is the same for all schools).

Admission Procedure Criteria

The admission procedure for the eight-year type of study is attending by pupils who finish the 5th grade of elementary school.

The admission procedure requires the submission of a properly completed application form.

The entrance exam consists of:

  • State tests from Czech language and mathematics,
  • A competency test,
  • A verbal interview.

The parts are individually weighed as follows:

  • The result of state tests from the whole CR Czech language and maths (30% + 30%) – 60% overal (according to §60 of Act No. 561/2004Sb)
  • Oral Interview – 30%
  • Student competencies test – 10%

A maximum of 40 pupils, i.e. 2 classes, will be accepted for studies at OPEN GATE.

Petr Chára