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  • ​The Best School Magazine of 2017 Awards, or why not bring extra suitcase next time

    November 26, 2017 - For the past two years, our collective school newspapers - The OG Chronicle, OG NOTes and Krognika - have been recognized for top national prizes in the Best School Magazine in the Czech Republic contest. Because there is no alternative at present, we enroll our school newspaper into this "magazine" competition, but this hasn’t prevented us from taking the top positions in many categories. Our newspaper was awared 1st Place in Graphics, 1st Place in the Other Languages category, 2nd place in Content, and 4th Place overall. We couldn’t be prouder of our efforts!

  • Outstanding IB Diploma Results of the Open Gate Students

    July 24, 2017 - The International Baccalaureate (IB) is one of the most demanding and most complex exams of secondary schools in the world. Its prestige and popularity at top schools grows year after year.

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Our students who frequently participate in several activities created their overview and list for our website.

Prague Student Summit

For several times already, Open Gate students have attended the Prague Student Summit, which is a unique educational project comprising Model UN, Model EU and Model NATO. Each year, the students attend five preparatory workshops during which they identify themselves with the delegate role, take part in lectures and debates; they also present and negotiate their country's standpoints concerning the given issue (e.g. water supplies).

The Summit concludes with the Final Conference, which lasts three days. And it is here where the students can experience what it takes to work as real delegate of an international organisation. The students come to discuss the individual topics, create documents, or write resolutions. Once the Conference is over, a Final Ceremony follows with the speeches of the UN, EU and NATO delegates. These guests then choose the best performances of the students.

In 2012/2013, Open Gate sent three UN delegates and one student to represent NATO to the Summit. Karin Paštiková was awarded the UNESCO "Jumper of the Year" Diploma in 2013. The chairmen of all the other Open Gate School participants also could not but praise the students for their excellent performances.


Debating has come to be an integral part of Open Gate education. Our Debate Club is led by the president of the Debate Clubs Association. Several interested students attend the club every week to improve their debating techniques as well as to prepare in thorough for the traditional debating tournaments.

Each year, the Debate league organises four qualifying debating tournaments in Czech and English. The participants can fight their way right to the finale. The final competition closes the debating season and it usually takes place in April or May. Apart from these official tournaments, there is the possibility to enter other debating competitions or to engage in debating just for the pleasure of it during school activities.

In fact, what is debating about? Teams of three members compete against each other by discussing a given, usually controversial, topic. They try to persuade the judges and the audiences that only their opinions are correct and that their arguments are "bullet-proof".

Our teams reach excellent positions in the Czech and the English Debating Leagues every year. In 2010/2011 the Open Gate students competed in a team which managed to win in both of the linguistic branches. The students also represent our school with great success abroad - Open Gate student, Jakub Zajíček, was a member of the winning team at the on-line International Public Forum, whose finale took place in New York in 2012.


Open Gate students attend various math competitions every year. At junior grammar school they participate in competitions such as the Math Kangaroo, the Pythagoriada, Mathematical or Logical Olympics and the results are good every time and so, if possible, our students also fight their way up to the district, regional or even national competitions. At senior grammar school, our students continue to compete in two international math contests, namely in the Intermediate Challenge and the Senior Challenge where they won many bronze, silver and several gold certificates.

Czech Language

Olympics in educational subject are firmly placed within the Czech system of education. Apart from mathematics, Open Gate students participate in Olympics in the Czech Language and that in both, junior and senior, grammar school categories. The competition is divided into the linguistic and the stylistic parts, so that the competitor's abilities can be thoroughly tested. The school round has a high attendance every year and we usually send two students into each category of the district part of the competition. In 2010, our student, Zuzana Matyášová, successfully reached the fifth place in the national version of the Olympics in the Czech Language. With a bit of luck, at least one of our students enters the regional round every year.


At Open Gate School, students also frequently and actively participate in such academic activities as the competitions in rhetoric and reciting. The "Young Demosthenes" speech contest is certainly worth mentioning. Here the competitors prepare a two-minute speech on a topic of their own choice. Open Gate School has already organised several local rounds of this competition and our students have always reached the regional round as well. The younger students also have the opportunity to compete in the "Children's Scene" reciting contest where they are successful at the local level.


Running is very popular at Open Gate and has many avid fans across the class spectrum. Our team of runners enters competitions of all categories. The younger students regularly and with great success participate in the "Run around Džbán" race. Every November, the older students register for the "Velká Kunratická," which can be described as a hill running race. Every year the students meet with veterans who have competed here more than 60 times.

The Open Gate runners and their teacher regularly attend the Prague Half-marathon Race and gain results way above the average. Yet another occasion for running competition is the new "Babice Quarter-marathon Race which is organised by the local Running Club and which is already becoming a tradition.


Swimming is one of the most popular sporting activities at Open Gate. Our students can practice up to three times a week in the indoor swimming pool at the campus. The students can also develop their swimming techniques and stamina at the school swimming club where their improvement is assured by the coach's individual approach.
Open Gate School organises three mixed swimming relays every year. One of them takes place at Christmas time and is arranged solely for teams of the school students. In spring, we invite teams from other schools as well and this relay has a junior and senior part, which follow quickly one after each other. The Open Gate teams have never failed to succeed.

The students can present their swimming skills even outside Open Gate. Several times they have attended the Christmas swimming competitions in Čelákovice where there are various disciplines in the team and single categories determined by age and swimming styles. Our swimmers never leave without a medal.

Table tennis

Those students who are interested can improve their techniques at the school table tennis club so that the best players can represent the school during regional competitions such as the Second Grade Primary School Tournament in Čelákovice. Open Gate team enter both the boys' and girls' competitons. The girls have been more successful so far as they have always reached good positions; the younger girls even came in first once.
The boys have many very good opponents, but the better the rivals the more they are motivated to practice and improve their results.