The Educational Programme

The Open Gate Primary School teaches according to the "Opening Gates Educational Programme", which supports an all-round development of its pupils. The program is in accordance with the Ministry of Education Framework Program, but also in line with the internationally acknowledged IB "The Primary Years" Programme. We also draw on the experiences of other international educational systems.

The Gate to Knowledge

The philosophical framework for the primary school teaching is the "Opening the Gates Educational Programme". We look for the ways leading to the heart and soul of each child and centring on the development of his social, physical, emotional and cultural needs we provide the education needed. What is stressed is the all-round development of our pupils' personalities together with language teaching.

Our pupils gain knowledge through using the most modern study equipment and trough participating in educational and also extracurricular activities already prepared for them. Thus, they grow into brave, open students who are able to ask, think critically, communicate, have a broad overview and systems of values and the ability of self evaluation. In this way, through these conscious discoveries, are they then able to find the answers to the most crucial of questions. The teacher is the one who functions as a guardian on their way to knowledge using a positive verbal evaluation to motivate the pupils to further self-education.

At Open Gate, the children can also participate in activities that develop their creativity, physical condition, relationship to art, the natural world and to practical work. The Open Gate Primary School educational Programme dynamically develops the "key competencies for learning."

Gate to Life

Education at Open Gate is closely linked to the real and practical life. Our education oscillates between life and learning and thus it reflects reality. It is not a mere tool for sharing bare information; on the contrary, it helps to solve the children's and the general human questions characteristic for our times. By these means, we truly develop the pupil's personalities and we also prepare them for their future social roles. Our primary school children can touch things, experience them; their learning is contextual.

The Gate to Life Education also inherently compels children to develop the right relationship towards our planet, the natural life and to current ecological issues. We reach these demanding goals using the richly equipped Open Gate campus (we can use the garden classroom, library, PC and science laboratories, theatre, the school farm with its animals, the indoor swimming pool or the outdoor and roofed sporting areas) and by the choice of various teaching methods (projects, thematic education, collective work, critical thinking, games).

The Gate to Languages

Language teaching is our priority at Open Gate. A quality language education and culture is one of the signs of our pupil's intellectual maturity. We put the main emphasis on the Czech and English languages at our primary school. Our pupils find themselves in the midst of international environment; however, they also live in the Czech surroundings and learn about the Czech literature, traditions and customs. "Morning Oasis," the everyday Open Gate ritual, encourages the pupils to improve in their reading skills (listening, personal reading, literature first contacts with literature and their own writing).

Certain additional classes taught by native speakers are allotted to English and other subjects already in the first year of primary school. Open Gate's cooperation with foreign schools improves and broadens the pupils' language education. Firmly grounded in their own mother tongue, the students nevertheless gain a broad international outlook.

The Gate to Oneself

At Open Gate, one of our priorities is to make our pupils aware of the necessity to find their own appropriate social roles, their own and unique paths, talents, ways of learning and their strong points. We encourage our students to discover their own identities and through this we develop their self-evaluation and self-control skills.

To support this process, we create a family atmosphere at the Open Gate campus which itself is safe and exciting at the same time. We are aware of the fact that the ideal educational environment is void of any danger and that it should incite the ambience of trust and encouragement to discover the new. During their education, our pupils create their own portfolio in which they can mark and observe their own successful progress.

The Gate to People

Through self-knowledge we encourage our pupils to discover the paths to others-to their relatives, classmates, the school employees and the wider public. The Open Gate teaching staff is formed by qualified teacher from all over the world. We also employ helpful and sympathetic tutors, health-care and security staff and other qualified non-pedagogical workers.

Together with the children we plan our charity project (singing performance at children's homes, etc.) Also, we behave in an open manner when communicating with our children's parents, other people and organisations.

The Gate to the Future

Opening these imaginary gates, the Open Gate Primary School Pupil also finds a way to his own future,
The concept of the educational programme is graphically summarised by the Open Gate Primary School hexagon :

The Gate to the Future

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