School Journals

You can learn about the news at Open Gate in the journals written by the Grammar School students and the Primary School pupils and teachers.

The OG Chronicle

This year we have combined three of our excellent student journals/newspapers into one exciting professional newspaper.

The OG Chronicle, typically a place for the English department to showcase the best of student writing and classroom happenings, has shifted into a professional, news-focused format where student volunteers write peer-chosen article topics, submit it to their student editors who then submit it to their staff editors, and then participate in a peer editing process before it goes off for professional printing in Prague. The OG Chronicle has been a part of OG for nine years, and each year we push to increase the quality and applicability of this paper. We hope you will agree that this is our best year yet. Please enjoy reading our unique, English language, student-written newspaper by clicking on the link here.

Another exciting change to our student publications this year is that the OG NOTes has joined our newspaper! For the last five years, OG NOTes has been the successful three-language journal in our foreign language department and, while their content is still produced in the foreign language classes, they’ve joined in printing with The OG Chronicle. This means we have one entire newspaper section written in French, Spanish, and German – an incredible feat by grammar school students!

Which meant that the natural conclusion to this exciting endeavor was to invite the Czech language department’s KrOGnika to join in our printed version as well. The KrOGnika, in its second year of production, showcases the best of student work and unique topics coming out of the Czech department.

With our powerful and unified new layout, our fantastic graphics, and interesting, purpose-written stories, The OG Chronicle/OG NOTes/KrOGnika make for one fantastic student newspaper. We encourage you to read it cover to cover and see if you agree!

On 14 April 2016 our school newspaper won FOUR major awards at the Prague Školní Časopis Roku 2016: “Best Overall Student Magazine”, “Best Headlines”, “Best Graphics”, & “Best Content”. Way to go, The OG Chronicle/OG NOTes/KrOGnika student writers and staff advisors!

Open Science

The next magazine is slightly different from the others. Open Science is a popular scientific peridocial, written and edited by students independent of teacher supervision. Not only can you find articles from the fields of physics, chemistry and biology, but also world news and short comic strips. In the future we plan to cooperate with other schools both in and outside of the Czech Republic.



klíčenka | keyring

The primary school newsletter keeps pupils and teachers up to date about current events in our primary school. This means the various activities that take place, but also about those that are going to happen. You can find children's artwork, their reports and other interesting articles there.

The name "klíčenka" originated from suggestions given by parents of the pilot class in the school year 2010/2011. The students then selected the content that was the most interesting and best fitted the character of the school. The title intentionally begins with a small "k" because primary school students are the "smallest" at Open Gate.

Klíčenka has its own online version which can be found here Pleasant reading!