The student dormitory is made up of four two-storey buildings, which are connected and each is characterized by its own colour. The orange and yellow buildings are designated for the girls and the blue and green for the boys. There is a common entrance hall with a reception desk, a lounge, vending machines, billiards, a football table and darts. Each students' suite consists of two double-bedded rooms, a bathroom and a toilet. Each hall also has a kitchen, equipped with a hotplate, a refrigerator/freezer and a washing machine, a TV room and a lounge area that has a computer with internet access.

Open Gate Dormitories

Students are divided by gender and also by age into the different buildings. This division also influences the way the dormitories are run, their daily regime, extracurricular activities and excursions.

We have a different approach to the Prima and Sekunda students and to the students of Tercie, Kvarta and Kvinta and Sexta. The mature students of Septima and Octava have a different regime altogether.

Mutual living leads the student not only to independence but also to the creation of a positive approach to others.

The atmosphere of cooperation and mutual responsibility for colleagues and friends is the best they can gain for their future life in differing environments.