Open Gate Library

The Open Gate library is situated in a modern multifunctional building, where students can not only borrow books and magazines, but where they can also use the computers, study and relax. The morning and afternoon classes also take place in the library as well as occasional events of various kinds.

Since the opening of the Grammar School, the library fund has been systematically created and at present the library holds more than 27 000 titles. You can mainly find textbooks, fiction and non-fiction in various languages-apart from books written in Czech, there are English, German, Spanish, French, etc. titles. In addition, there are approximately 600 DVDs with educational or entertainment content and CDs in the library.

Books and other prints are registered in the KP-Win library system. The non-fiction fond is organised according to the International Decimal Classification.

The library subscribes to approximately 30 various journals (English, French, German and Spanish). The library visitors can learn about the current affairs in the daily press.

Students can use the ten-station PC work area, the colour scanner and the copy machine to prepare their projects.

The Open Gate Library is open from Monday till Thursday, 7:00 am – 19:00 pm, and on Friday till 12:00 noon so everybody can spend a sufficient amount of time working in this pleasant and peaceful environment. The students themselves also participate in the library work. Because we encourage them to read at Open Gate, we organise various events such as authorial readings, exhibitions, lectures and we introduce newly published books in the library as well. The library takes part in the international "A Night with Andersen" event and in other national and international library activities. The local inhabitants of Babice increasingly visit this place and so it partly functions as a local library as well.

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