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Silver DofE expedition

In June 2018, our group finally finished all the intensive preparations that had to be done in order to kick start our journey.

Four OG students get their gold diploma DofE

The best of the best were last Wednesday invited to the Award ceremony to collect their certificates and medals; this time at the Černinsky Palace with Her Royal Highness Sophie, The Duchess of Wessex presenting.

DofE silver expedition

At the end of the last school year, from the 20th to the 23rd of June if we want to be precise, our group collected all the strength and courage and started out our DofE silver expedition.

DofE Gold expedition in Banát

Our expedition started shortly after we arrived to Banat. Our aim was to explore the lifestyle of Czechs who came to Banat some 200 years ago and the nature as well.

​News from the Duke of Edinburgh Award

As the school year is about to end, this year’s DofE activities are culminating, too. The nice spring weather is a signal for holding all the preparatory and qualification expeditions that are an essential (and the most popular) part of the programme

Gold Edie returns to the OPEN GATE after two years

The group - which two years ago in Romania earned the gold level of Duke of Edinburgh Award - has a new group of followers this year. Four brave and enduring septima students - Christine Hříbalová, Filip Chalupa, Susan Leopold and Nikola Chadimová - anticipating the culmination of their efforts to obtain similar rewards ie the Gold Certificate of Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Gold EDIE participants earn money

On Friday 18. 5. 2012 our EDIE group, which consisted of Filip Chalupa, Nikol Chadimová, Zuzka Leoploldová and Kristýna Hříbalová began its weekend trip to Kobylí.

Geocaching as a preparation for EDIE expedition

During the EDIE program we have learnt to use GPS navigation. To test our skills we used the network of hidden boxes called Geocaching.

Romania 2010 - Gold expedition EDIE

Seven OG students attended the first ever expedition of the Gold Level of The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Weekend in Sumava – Duke of Edinburgh award

It was a nice week at school. The weather was great, no cold weather; no snow. But South Bohemia looked different...

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme