Grammar School Services

We know that everyone needs advice sometimes. It could be students in prima (the first year of the grammar school) who feel they don’t fit in well. Last-year students who are wondering which university to go on to. Or parents who are not sure if their child is coping with the study plan. If you are worried about anything to do with studying or life at Open Gate, you can always open up to our teachers. Or you could also arrange a meeting at the counselling services or our Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling Centre. We will be happy to help.

Career advice 
We also deal with issues relating to the further education and future careers of our students. We have a high-level view of what is offered by the universities in the Czech Republic and worldwide. We can help with applications and essays or materials for foundations that support students at universities. We arrange for the necessary tests for foreign universities. We advise on how to make the best use of a Gap Year, before going on to university. We are happy to talk about what you could do after finishing your studies. We can provide inspiration by setting up meetings with graduates of Open Gate and representatives of universities from all over the world.

The Counselling Services can help you to:

  • cope with lessons,
  • overcome problems in your personal life,
  • improve relationships with peers in your class and in the wider school environment,
  • deal with unexpected situations,
  • decide where to go after the grammar school and to prepare properly for it.

Grammar School Counselling Services Team

Dominika Adamová
Head of Counselling Services, School Counsellor and Therapist
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Natália Marta Balogová
Head of the Science Department, Mathematics, Science and IB ESS Teacher
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Petra Bílková
Psychologist for the primary and grammar schools and the Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling Services
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Draga Čermáková
Housemistress, Counsellor for Students Staying in the Dormitory, Grammar School Therapist
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Jiřina Hampejsová
Pedagogical Assistant: Learning Support Center at secondary school; School Preventist
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Irena Henslová
Grammar School Assistant Teacher , Head Librarian
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Monika Juchová
Behavioural Counsellor, Special Needs Teacher, Grammar School Speech Therapist
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Hana Keharová
Grammar School Teaching Assistant
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Jenny Lees
College and Career Counsellor
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Tereza Matoušková
Grammar School Teaching Assistant
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Kristýna Procházková
English Teacher, Community Service Coordinator, CAS and EE, Career Counsellor
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