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News from Primary school

The laughter that comes from all possible corners of our area warms our hearts and souls.

News from Primary school

This greeting is addressed especially to our dear friends, because… “Where something ends, something begins, that's how it is, that's how it's supposed to be“.

News from Primary school

This Friday letter reaches you on the eve of the Night of St. James. It has been shrouded in a number of rituals and symbolism since pagan times.

News from Primary school

Earth Day is an annual global event organized on April 22 and aimed at promoting and supporting environmental protection.

News from Primary school

Testing was, of course, one of the main events of the week and it was something new for everyone, but thanks to the excellent coordination, precise instructions and dexterity of the children, we managed to ensure that everything went smoothly.

News from Primary school

The last couple weeks in our primary school have been marked by enrollment. Even for the future first-graders, this is the beginning of their studies, and as you know, learning is a process that never ends.

News from Primary school

Spring has arrived at Open Gate. I believe that with the end of winter weather so, too, is our fast over, the time in which we cannot be in the classroom with the children.

News from Primary school

People might not feel like life is so lucky at this time. Our students have spent a considerable amount of this school year learning from home.

News from Primary school

The present time is certainly challenging for all of us, yet there are still many happy moments around us. For example, my colleagues and I attended Friday's school-wide morning assembly and saw once again the tremendous strength, optimism and energy that the children have to overcome the current obstacles.

News from Primary school

We are also fundamentally affected by measures in connection with the pandemic, so at the moment we are lovingly caring for only our youngest pupils in the first and second grades.

News from Primary school

"Do you know which test in life is the hardest? The one that is happening now… " How true this quote is can be seen from several angles.

News from Primary school

At the beginning of this Friday's letter, I have borrowed the already popular report from the school director from the film Obecná Škola. Since Monday, I have had an unquenchable feeling that it will be heard from our school radio at any moment.

News from Primary school

Děti mají svá věková specifika, v mnoha ohledech se liší, někdy je s nimi legrace, jindy člověk ve svém pedagogickém arzenálu hledá nějaký fígl, jak lotrovinu přesměrovat na učení, ale jedno mají společné – angličtinu vnímají jako přirozenou součást školy, jako klíč k zábavné a dobrodružné výpravě do celého světa.

News from Primary School

The end of the first half of the year, a course of which we could hardly predict in September, is here. In general pupils do not go to school to be evaluated, but are evaluated so that they can move forward in their learning. In this regard, it should be noted that when a teacher is a direct witness, not only to the control and mastery of the curriculum, but also to mutual interactions between children, the degree of their cooperation, building friendly relationships and ties, the evaluation is more complex.

News from Primary school

I am definitely the right person to submit a regular report because not only am I lucky and can teach our students in person, but I am also a resident here at the Open Gate campus. I get up at sunrise over a nearby forest and enjoy its sunset over the elementary school building. And believe me that the view never gets old.

News from Primary school

We cordially invite you to the online Open Day on January 21st. Those interested in studying and of course, parents, too, will be able to take part in a virtual tour of the Open Gate school campus and meet, albeit remotely, with the school management, pupils and teachers.

News from Primary school

We all hope that this year will be better than last year but unfortunately, its start sees us with limited school attendance as only classes 1 and 2 are presently in school.

News from Primary school

The year 2020 will be considered by many as one of the strangest and most demanding, but at the same time it has certainly brought something positive to each of us. Although this overused word can already provoke a certain degree of agitation in the current difficult times, I would like to briefly share with you what I have encountered during my time at Open Gate and what has made me happy.

News from Primary school

Children come to school not only for knowledge, but also for life experience and for happiness. How does this beautiful and special feeling manifest itself at our school?

News from Primary school

During the lockdown, most of the primary school staff were teaching from Open Gate and it was strange to see a school missing what it needs the most, its students. Last week, we welcomed back classes one and two, and on Monday this week, we welcomed the return of classes three, four and five, and in doing so, we got our school back.

News from Primary school

The remaining classes will be joining our first and 2nd graders, who already have their second week at school under their belt. Speaking for the whole open gate team, I can without a doubt say this is a moment we have been all anticipating and excited about.

News from Primary school

It’s November, the traditional month for quarterly evaluation and it seems like there’s a spark of hope for the world returning to normal, at least for schools. Families, too.

News from Primary school

We find ourselves with another full week in the rearview mirror filled with experiences, discovery, new information, creativity, and fun.

News from Primary school

Despite all hopes, there has been no return to Babice and we will continue to meet in the form of distance learning. However, that cannot stop us from teaching and learning with enthusiasm.

News from Primary School

The pre-holiday greeting from our Primary School is here and with it an overview of the events of the past few days.

News from Primary School

It has been just three days since the government announced all schools to be closed and we all already miss the children.

News from Primary school

Some regulations may complicate our school lives a bit and we complain about them here and there, but we will continue to pay attention to their strict observance in order to avoid possible problems. We are glad that we can still go to school and see the children and our colleagues on a regular basis.

Karel Cudlín's walk through the Open Gate complex

Open Gate starts its 16th year with 293 grammar school students and 99 pupils in the primary school’s junior years. This year, as every year, a significant number of grammar school students have scholarships from The Kellner Family Foundation set up by Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner.

News from Primary School

The first month of this school year has floated away like fast moving water, and has brought all of the responsibilities associated with school work.

News from Primary school

The last September greeting from the primary school - this time from the hands of our director Petr Šlemenda.

News from Primary school

On behalf of our school club team Monika would like to say hello and welcome you all into the new academic year.

News from Primary school

It has been a very enjoyable first full week in the primary school of the new school year.

16th school year | scholarships for 95 students

Open Gate starts its 16th year with 293 grammar school students and 99 pupils in the primary school’s junior years. This year, as every year, a significant number of grammar school students have scholarships from The Kellner Family Foundation set up by Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner.

News from Primary school

This week was full of experiences as you can read in this letter.

Online learning with Microsoft Teams

For online learning we tested various platforms, we have chosen Microsoft Teams for both the Open Gate primary school and grammar school. 

Ten Rules of Online Teaching

We expect an active approach of all participants to online teaching.

Open Gate online

Due to the circumstances, Open Gate has temporarily become a school where we do not meet with students and teachers in the classrooms, corridors and during lunch breaks.

The 15th school year at Open Gate: 294 grammar school students and 101 primary school pupils

The 15th school year at Open Gate: 294 grammar school students and 101 primary school pupils; the family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner has awarded scholarships to 95 grammar school students.

Spring Cleaning Challenge!

I hope you are all enjoying the Spring Cleaning Challenge.

News from Primary school

This week was full of experiences as you can read in this letter.

3rd and 4th grade had a great week

News from 3rd and 4th grade...

News from Primary school

Co je nového na základní škole? Vše se dozvíte v pátečním pozdravení ze základní školy.

News from Mr. E

What´s new in class 3 and 4? You can read it right now.

Empty Plates, No Waste!

Last week, class 5 undertook a challenge, to go the whole week without any food waste at lunchtime. It was difficult sometimes of course but they also worked together to help each other with the last bit of potato or pasta and they did it. It was a wonderful effort!

News from Mr.E

What´s new in 3rd and 4th class?

Grantham Village School Letter Exchange

Class 5 and some of class 4 recently received their second letters from Grantham Village School in New Hampshire.

Valentine’s Day assembly with another special guest

Today’s Assembly took place on Valentine’s Day.

3rd and 4th graders - what´s new?

Class 3 and 4 enjoyed a wonderful performance at the theatre this week.

Speaking practice in Class 1

For the last two weeks, our class 1 pupils have been practising using „have got“ and „can“ and learning to speak about parts of the body.

Months of the year vs Lego man

On Monday and Wednesday students practiced months, seasons and days of the week.

Class 5 Presidential Election – The Candidates’ Debate

Class 5 is currently gripped with election fever as 4 candidates are ready to do battle to win votes and become president of class 5.

Class 5 Book Covers

This year we are doing some work on writing in class 5.

Mr. E for 3rd and 4th graders

Dream Timetables

Monday (12.11) morning students spent working on a project which turned them into timetable masters.

Practising grammar with first graders

Let´s go shopping!

Class 2 have been practising their speaking skills for shopping this week.

Mr. E is here...

... and all those words for 3rd and 4th graders!!!

Class 4 and 5 Museum Trip

Classes 4 and 5 spent a very enjoyable day in Prague at the National Technical Museum beside Letna Park.

Halloween Art in Classes 1 and 2

Classes 1 and 2 made some beautiful art for Halloween in their Arts and Culture lessons last week.

What´s new, 3 and 4 graders? Mr. E wrotes you.

This week it was great to see all of the wonderful Halloween costumes on the children.

Workshop Halloween Art

Halloween by se neobešel bez kostlivců, pavouků a lebek.

Class 5 Letter Exchange

On Thursday this week, Class 5 received their first letters from Grantham Village School in New Hampshire in the USA.

Class four and three, listen to me, I am Mr. E

What´s new in class 3 and 4? You can read it here.

Mr. E wrotes to you 3rd and 4th graders

News from this school week.

KET/PET results

Last May, classes 4 and 5 took the KET and PET exams after working so hard for them during the year.

Fine Art Trip