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Online learning with Microsoft Teams

For online learning we tested various platforms, we have chosen Microsoft Teams for both the Open Gate primary school and grammar school. 

Ten Rules of Online Teaching

We expect an active approach of all participants to online teaching.

Open Gate online

Due to the circumstances, Open Gate has temporarily become a school where we do not meet with students and teachers in the classrooms, corridors and during lunch breaks.

The 15th school year at Open Gate: 294 grammar school students and 101 primary school pupils

The 15th school year at Open Gate: 294 grammar school students and 101 primary school pupils; the family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner has awarded scholarships to 95 grammar school students.

Spring Cleaning Challenge!

I hope you are all enjoying the Spring Cleaning Challenge.

News from Primary school

This week was full of experiences as you can read in this letter.

3rd and 4th grade had a great week

News from 3rd and 4th grade...

News from Primary school

Co je nového na základní škole? Vše se dozvíte v pátečním pozdravení ze základní školy.

News from Mr. E

What´s new in class 3 and 4? You can read it right now.

Empty Plates, No Waste!

Last week, class 5 undertook a challenge, to go the whole week without any food waste at lunchtime. It was difficult sometimes of course but they also worked together to help each other with the last bit of potato or pasta and they did it. It was a wonderful effort!

News from Mr.E

What´s new in 3rd and 4th class?

Grantham Village School Letter Exchange

Class 5 and some of class 4 recently received their second letters from Grantham Village School in New Hampshire.

Valentine’s Day assembly with another special guest

Today’s Assembly took place on Valentine’s Day.

3rd and 4th graders - what´s new?

Class 3 and 4 enjoyed a wonderful performance at the theatre this week.

Speaking practice in Class 1

For the last two weeks, our class 1 pupils have been practising using „have got“ and „can“ and learning to speak about parts of the body.

Months of the year vs Lego man

On Monday and Wednesday students practiced months, seasons and days of the week.

Class 5 Presidential Election – The Candidates’ Debate

Class 5 is currently gripped with election fever as 4 candidates are ready to do battle to win votes and become president of class 5.

Class 5 Book Covers

This year we are doing some work on writing in class 5.

Mr. E for 3rd and 4th graders

Dream Timetables

Monday (12.11) morning students spent working on a project which turned them into timetable masters.

Practising grammar with first graders

Let´s go shopping!

Class 2 have been practising their speaking skills for shopping this week.

Mr. E is here...

... and all those words for 3rd and 4th graders!!!

Class 4 and 5 Museum Trip

Classes 4 and 5 spent a very enjoyable day in Prague at the National Technical Museum beside Letna Park.

Halloween Art in Classes 1 and 2

Classes 1 and 2 made some beautiful art for Halloween in their Arts and Culture lessons last week.

What´s new, 3 and 4 graders? Mr. E wrotes you.

This week it was great to see all of the wonderful Halloween costumes on the children.

Workshop Halloween Art

Halloween by se neobešel bez kostlivců, pavouků a lebek.

Class 5 Letter Exchange

On Thursday this week, Class 5 received their first letters from Grantham Village School in New Hampshire in the USA.

Class four and three, listen to me, I am Mr. E

What´s new in class 3 and 4? You can read it here.

Mr. E wrotes to you 3rd and 4th graders

News from this school week.

KET/PET results

Last May, classes 4 and 5 took the KET and PET exams after working so hard for them during the year.

Fine Art Trip