Tereza Kasalová

Primary School Teacher

E-mail: kasalova@opengate.cz
Telefon: + 420 702 187 144

Tereza already wanted to pursue teaching from childhood and her dream was fulfilled at a secondary pedagogical school and then at Charles University in Prague. She enjoys professional development in new teaching methods and regularly attends courses and summer schools for teachers.


2008-2014, Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague, Department of Primary Education, Teaching at the First Level of Primary Schools, with specialisation in Physical Education

2015, Primary speech disorder prevention, Speech Therapy Assistant


taught at the Říčanský les Primary School in Říčany, where she worked using new teaching methods. In addition to teaching, Tereza also plays volleyball and beach volleyball, runs a school club, and would like to set up a school volleyball team.


Tereza likes to spend her leisure time with her family and enjoys looking after her two little nieces. Her whole life has been spent hand-in-hand with sport; in her childhood it was modern gymnastics, later volleyball and this passion for sport has remained with her throughout adult life. She also likes going to theatre performances, films or concerts. Her motto is the well-known J A Comenius mantra, “Play is fun, learning through play is happy learning”.