Andrea Reslová


Telefon: +420 606 020 602

Andrea completed her university studies with final state examination in Psychology, Andragogy, Work and Management Psychology, Human Resources Development and Management. She also completed number of educational programs and courses focused primarily on family work, communication skills and personal development.


2011-2013, University Jan Amos Komenský Prague, master field of study: Andragogy

2008-2011, University Jan Amos Komenský Prague, bachelor field of study: Economics and Management

1991-1996, Business College Mladá Boleslav


Andrea has more than thirteen years of experience in social working field – first as a social worker, later as a manager of Department of Social Affairs on town council.


Andrea is mostly dedicated to her family. She also likes creative activities, cooking, preserving groceries, gardening. She is actively taking care of her labrador named Elton to successfully fulfill the exams from Canistherapy.