Šrůta Petr

Czech and Social Sciences Teacher

E-mail: sruta@opengate.cz
Phone: +420 607 300 305

Petr is an author and a certified examiner for the Czech state school leaving examinations. Books are his principal activity besides teaching. Since 1990 he has been participating in the production of publications for Společnost Josefa Škvoreckého (The Josef Škvorecký Society), primarily as the editor of some of Škvorecký’s treatises, and he has also served as a Josef Škvorecký Award juror. As an author, he published his anthology of Japanese poetry, Jeden rok v haiku (One Year in Haiku) in 2010, and four years later his textbook for school leaving exam sitters, New School Leaving Exams in Literature: Easy and Successful appeared. He is currently immersed in translating Apollinaire’s poems.


1983-1989 | Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague, Teaching for the Second and Third Levels, Czech Language – Social Sciences Basics


Following graduation, Petr started to teach at the Gymnázium Nad Alejí grammar school in Praha 6, where he was one of the authors of the first IB programme in the Czech Republic in 1993. Following its conclusion, he spent more than ten years teaching at the Soukromé gymnasium Josefa Škvoreckého (The Josef Škvorecký Private Grammar School), including a few years in the role of the school’s deputy principal. Before joining the Open Gate grammar school, he taught at the Gymnázium Altis grammar school for three years.


Besides literature, Petr’s main interest is car models, a hobby he has pursued for almost 40 years. Over this time, his Matchbox collection has grown to 2,500 units and constitutes an almost complete series since 1953. Petr also likes travelling; with a particular interest in France as he spent several years there as a child. With regards to sports, he enjoys lacrosse and would like to dedicate more time and effort to its promotion.