Primary School Services

We know that being a parent is the toughest job in the world. Our counselling services are here to help you with everything to do with the school. All you need to do is arrange a meeting. We will help you find out if your child is coping with lessons, and why some subjects may be going better than others.

With pupils at the first tier of primary school, for example, you should check whether they are reading and understanding text at a satisfactory level towards the end of year 2 and early on in year 3, whether they make spelling mistakes despite being familiar with the rules and whether they have problems concentrating.

We also provide guidance in relation to the level of maturity of your child prior to starting at primary school, the causes of failure at school and career options.

The counselling services can help you and your child to:

  • cope with lessons,
  • understand and navigate relationships with schoolmates,
  • handle unexpected situations,
  • decide where to progress to after primary school and how to prepare properly for this.

Primary School Counselling Services Team

Petra Bílková
Psychologist for the primary and grammar schools and the Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling Services
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Stanislav Červený
Primary School Teacher; Behavioural Counsellor
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