3rd and 4th grade had a great week

Class 4

We had 2 great presentations this week from our students. The first one was from Robert Šatera and it was a brief history of the USA. We learned lots of things about it’s past, and there were even a couple things that surprised me. Next we had Chloe Liba presenting about her dogs, Donut and Waffle. We learned about their likes and dislikes, along with some general information about English and French bulldogs. Both presentations were very informative and even included a brief quiz to see what the students had learned. These presentations have left us excited for more in the coming weeks.

Class 3 and 4

On Thursday afternoon we had a great afternoon of Sport. Classes 4, 5 and half of 3 participated in a Floorball tournament in our school’s Sports Hall. There were 5 teams competing for the Championship. Each team was mixed with boys and girls from each grade. They all fought hard and battled for every ball. It was great to see them so into the competition. In the Finals we had the New York Tigers competing against the Florida Dragons, with the Tigers taking home the top prize. It was an exciting event for all involved and I am proud of all of the students.