Class 5 Presidential Election – The Candidates’ Debate

Class 5 is currently gripped with election fever as 4 candidates are ready to do battle to win votes and become president of class 5. Some of the issues up for discussion were more class trips, cleaner classrooms, sitting where you want, paper saving measures and celebrating Christmas more but the real issue during this election campaign is the ongoing ‘war’ between the boys and girls. The candidates, Bara, Viki T., Honza and Robert all insist they are the right person to bring harmony to the class room as they made their first speeches to the classes.

There have been some dirty tricks campaigns during the election race as candidates try to upset their opponents. There are rumours that Bara has been sneakily stealing class money to pay for her coffee. It is alleged that Viki T. has been stealing snacks from her classmate and that Honza is an ordinary nerd. And one of his rivals has shockingly labelled Robert as pure evil. The raise for the class 5 presidency is definitely getting intense as they prepare for the first vote on Monday.

Should no candidate secure more than 50% of the vote on Monday, the two candidates who have polled the highest will have to go to the polls again later in the week in order to secure a majority. More will follow next week…