Empty Plates, No Waste!

Last week, class 5 undertook a challenge, to go the whole week without any food waste at lunchtime. It was difficult sometimes of course but they also worked together to help each other with the last bit of potato or pasta and they did it. It was a wonderful effort!

Every day in the canteen, the amount of food waste is written on the board in kilograms and also the number of people that amount could have fed. For example if it was 25kg, it would have fed 50 people, and the average each day is about 20-30kg.

We know of course that sometimes there will be food waste, maybe sometimes our eyes are a bit bigger than our bellies, or maybe something doesn’t taste quite as good as it looks, but class 5 wanted to make an effort to reduce their own food waste and be conscious that they are lucky to have access to a healthy and adequate diet and not take it for granted.

It is a small step, but it is also an important step and we hope that after reading this, whether you’re a parent, a student, a teacher, that it will inspire you to reduce your food waste because all those small steps from people soon turn into mighty strides!