Fine Art Trip

On Friday afternoon, the Fine Art Club set out on a trip to Prague, to visit one of Prague’s best art museums – Museum Kampa. We took the train from Říčany and then the tram to get there. It was a rainy day but we got lucky; the worst rain came when we were on the train.

The museum is full of modern Czech art and the students found it fascinating. We saw some works by František Kupka, Otto Gutfreund and Jiří Kolář from the museum‘s permanent collection, as well as some pieces by René Roubíček and Miluše Roubíčková. We also saw an exhibiton of Vladimír Kopecký’s latest works. Jan Zrzavý’s exhibition was great, too. However, the children seemed to like Vladimír Škoda’s exhibition (entitled Mysterium Cosmograficum) best. It featured a lot of metal, round shapes, with the main topic being physics and the infinite universe.

After the museum tour, we all sat down for some lemonade and talked about the artworks, feeling inspired. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a proper trip without some ice-cream! We all had some, despite the weather, before going home. It was a great afternoon full of fun, art and inspiration!