Educational programme

The Open Gate Grammar School curriculum is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. Emphasis is especially put on the teaching living languages, primarily English, with the possibility to choose another foreign language already in the first year.

  • Since the school year of 2009/2010 Open Gate School participates in the IB - The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, our students thus can opt for this international School Leaving Exam. At the higher level of grammar school education, most subjects are taught in English
  • It is our purpose in Open Gate School to keep the number of students low. Individual approach is assured by the maximum of 20 students in one class.
  • Teachers are chosen for their experience, professional attitude and passion for teaching their subjects. The aim of our effort is to make the lessons interesting and effective.
  • One of our teaching methods includes the assignment of individual projects. The basis of our education is the application of interactive teaching methods, which encourages cooperation and learning through experience; simultaneously, these methods prevent the isolation and fragmentation of findings. The projects are an integral part of the extracurricular activities; they intersect the whole school education and deepen the students' knowledge.


The Grammar School Educational Plan

Education at Open Gate takes place in accordance with the educational plan accredited by MŠMT and with its own educational programme which fully respects the personalities and individual needs of the students. A low number of students in the classes allows the teacher to approach them individually. Teachers apply such methods which develop the intellectual and personal capacities of the students. These would include discussions, experimenting, problem solving, collective work, presentations and last but not least the acceptance of responsibility for one's own actions.

Education takes place in modernly equipped language, computer and science laboratories. All this together creates ideal study conditions.

The priority of Open Gate is to teach foreign languages, the students are divided into small groups, according to their abilities and performances. The low number of students ensures a high standard care, well-timed and individual teaching in an environment which reduces stress and allows the teachers to adopt an individual approach during language classes. Students learn English not only during the lessons but also in direct communication with teachers at clubs and during extra curricular activities, in the dormitories, during consultation hours or during over the weekend activities at the school premises.

In this way, Open Gate students not only fulfil their academic duties but also have the chance to develop fully in their free time. At the lower level of grammar school education, from Prima to Kvarta, the main language is Czech, but a large space is left for English from the beginning. Already in Prima, the students are able to choose from a list of additional languages-they usually decide whether to take Spanish, German or French. English terminology is used in all subjects apart from subjects concerning the Czech language, we re frequently work with English texts and textbooks. Students thus gain further knowledge and skills needed for studying at the higher levels of the grammar school.

One of the special integrated subjects at the lower level is bio-science, which enables the students to gain an integrated and complex view on natural laws and phenomena.

At the higher level of grammar school education, from Kvinta to Octava, the main language is English. Stress is further placed on the learning of another language, whether French, Spanish, German, or other. The grammar school educational programme is based on the General Education Programme for Czech grammar schools and also on the international IB programme. During the first two years, in all subjects the students intensively for the IB Diploma Programme (DP), which allows them to choose their specialisation and School Leaving Exam subjects in the final two years.

Junior Grammar School | Prima – Kvarta

  • the highest possible number of English lessons
  • integrated bio-science
  • maximum support of English terminology in all subjects-preparation for further study at the higher level of grammar school education
Subject Year In sum
Czech language and Literature 4 4 4 4 16
English 5 5 5 5 20
Foreign Language (Sp., Fr., Germ.) - - 3 3 6
Mathematics 4 4 4 4 16
IT 1 1 - - 2
History 2 2 1 2 7
Civics 1 1 1 2 5
Cultural History, integr. subject - - 2 - 2
Bio-Science, integr. subject 4 4 4 4 16
Sciences, practical exercises 1 1 1 1 3
Geography 2 2 2 1 7
Musical Education 1 1 0,5 1 3,5
Art Education 2 2 0,5 1 5,5
Physical Education 2 2 2 2 8
Optional Subject - - 2 2 4
Total number of lesson in the class 29 29 32 32 122

Senior Grammar School | Kvinta – Octava and the four-year Grammar School Study

  • Kvinta, Sexta – pre IB Diploma Programme – most subjects taught in English
  • Septima, Octava – IB Diploma Programme – English as the main teaching language (excepting Czech language and realia)
Subject Year In sum
Czech l. IB G1 – Language 4 4 4 4 16
English IB G2 – Second Language 5 5 5 5 20
Foreign languages/Spanish, German, French 3 3 4 4 14
Human.v./IB – G3 Individuals and Societies
History 2 2 - - 4
Geography 2 2 - - 4
Social Studies 2 2 - - 4
Optional Subject G3/IB – G3 - - 4 4 8
Sciences/IB – G4 Experimental Science
Physics 2 2 - - 4
Chemistry 2 2 - - 4
Biology 2 2 - - 4
Optional Subject G4/IB – G4 - - 4 4 8
IB – G5 Math and Computer Science 4 4 4 4 16
ITC 2 2 - - 4
Arts and Culture 2 2 - - 4
PE 2 2 2 2 8
IB - G6 Optional Sub. - - 4 4 8
IB Theory of Knowledge - - 2 2 4
Optional Subject 1 1 - - 2
Total number of lessons in the class 34 34 32 32 132

Career Counselling

Career counselling is an important and integral element of our education. Students can thus obtain a professional advice when deciding on their further education and professional path. This process begins already in Kvinta with a gradual gathering of significant information on the educational systems in the Czech Republic and abroad.

At the higher level, students are already preparing for international exams. With the help of their teachers, career advisor and the school psychologist, they choose their universities, write CVs and the essays required and they obtain letters of invitation.

During their last year, students pass exams and take the university entrance exams of their own choice. We offer a complex and exceptional help and support, which enable the students to choose the most suitable career according to their individual needs, ambitions and abilities.