Teaching and Learning at Open Gate

Here at Open Gate, we give our students much more than just fact and information. We teach them to face life. To us, every child is a unique person with strengths and talents, which we want to develop together. Each child also has uncertainties that we have to overcome together. We do this with great care so that our students grow up to be self-confident, happy, well-educated people.  

We work with our students according to our own unique educational programme, which is partially based on The Primary Years Programme, the first step towards the International Baccalaureate certificate. It emphasises curiosity, personal responsibility, and discovering connections. It also builds on the very best of Czech schooling traditions.

At Open Gate we don’t only teach. We help students open gates to the future

A Gate to Knowledge

We guide students towards discovery and exploration. We want our students to ask all the important questions themselves. We accompany our students on their path to finding the answers. We know that everyone takes a slightly different route, some longer, some shorter which is why we don’t give children marks. The important thing is to help everyone reach their destination. We use verbal evaluation so that we are able to better describe which parts of the journey went well, where we succeeded, what held us up, and what we can do better next time. This motivates the students to go on searching, exploring, and educating themselves.

A Gate to Life

By teaching in context, we address genuine situations that children and people face everywhere. Our students experience things hands-on. We show them that education is important for a better life. We strive to develop a relationship with our planet amongst our students and show them that the environment is something that we all have to take care of.

A Gate to Languages

We teach our students that language is a vital tool for learning. Above all, we help them to become capable of perceiving, understanding and expressing themselves. We teach them to speak and write accurately, to the point, and tactfully. Of course, we also explore artistic ways of expressing oneself. We do all of this in both Czech and English.  The students work in an international environment every day. Our school employs international teachers and arranges trips abroad. But we also take an in-depth look at the Czech language and literature as well as national facts, traditions, and customs.

A Gate to the Self

Our way of teaching is primarily a method of self-discovery. We help students to find a path to their own talents and discover their own unique place in society. We help students to examine their own strengths and weaknesses. As a result, our students gain a much better grasp of their abilities and what they need to work on.

A Gate to People

We help our students to look within themselves and find out what they can offer others be it to their friends and family, to their classmates, to the staff of the school or to the whole world. Together with the children, we plan projects that help others – for example, we sing and tell stories with senior citizens and read aloud in nursery schools.

A Gate to the Future

We prepare our students for things to come, even though we don’t know exactly what they will be. For that reason, we help our students to develop their own potential. To find their strengths. To understand themselves. This opens the way to a happy future.