Open Gate is a school that approaches talent with an open mind.

In the world of education we present a unique opportunity to those who are looking for a high level of education and who, at the same time long for personal space where they can develop in other areas of personal interest.

At Open Gate we encourage students to find original solutions, we appreciate creativity, we respect individuality and we create an environment for the independent development of every individual. We accompany students on a journey to their own discovery of joy from an infinite number of paths offered by the modern world.

Experiencing such diversity encourages tolerance in our students, develops social responsibility and guides them to active participation in events going on around them, whether in their immediate surroundings or in the global community. By sharing everyday joys and pursuits among students from diverse social backgrounds, we can build a cohesive community based on mutual respect, trust, and help.

We meet in a variety of settings: not only in the classroom, but also in a rich scope of extracurricular activities and in the school dormitories where students live during the school year.

At our school students choose their methods of achieving their goals in cooperation with their teachers. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology we engage all students in education in a way that respects their personal learning style and pace.

In keeping with teaching principles of the 21st century, we place emphasis on the all-round development of our students and take individual progress into account when assessing them. At Open Gate we teach for the future. In our daily work we constantly assess the impacts of decisions on the world around us.

To us, students are partners and as such they freely and responsibly participate in the formation of Open Gate School and its content.