School Uniform

Open Gate is one of the few Czech schools where school uniforms are worn. So you will recognize our students at a glance, whether they are at school or participating in a school event. We see a school uniform as a fundamentally democratic matter. Thanks to thair uniforms, our students don't have to feel bad for not having the latest style of trousers. They also don't have to worry about what to wear. And they can concentrate on what's truly important at school.

Our school uniform is designed to be comfortable and practical. Boys and girls can combine the individual items of clothing and accessories that come with the uniform as they wish.

For students, we have two versions of the school uniform – for casual wear and for special occasions. The regular uniform consists of a sweater, a knitted vest, a short or long sleeved polo shirt, a leather belt and a badge with the school logo. Girls also have a choice of winter dress and summer skirt, while boys have a choice of trousers. The formal uniform is worn by students at special events, including Open Days, certificate ceremonies, Christmas dinners or special guest visits at the school. On these occasions, boys wear a jacket, tie, shirt and trousers, while the girls' formal uniform includes a skirt and tights.

For grammar school students who live on campus, the formal uniform, some optional accessories and clothing are included in the tuition fee.

For grammar school students who are commuting to school daily, the formal uniform is included in the tuition fee.

Uniform orders are generally taken once a year, in early April or as the manufacturer's capacity allows. Students pick up their new uniforms during the last week of vacation or the first week of school. We also organise a school uniform auction which is available all year round.

You can see the school uniform in the catalogue, where you will also find the rules for wearing it:

Notice to parents and other legal representatives of pupils: We have created an E-shop for ordering school uniform.