School Uniform

Open Gate is among the few Czech schools where school uniforms are worn. You will therefore recognise our students at a glance, whether they are in school or participating in a school event. We see a school uniform as a fundamentally democratic matter. Thanks to their uniforms, our students don’t have to feel bad for not having the latest style of trousers. They also don’t have to worry about what to wear. Students can concentrate on the things that are truly important at school.

Our school uniform is designed to be comfortable and practical. Boys and girls can combine the individual items of clothing and accessories that come with the uniform as they wish.

There are two variations of our school uniform – one for everyday wear and one for special occasions. The ordinary uniform consists of a jumper, a knitted waistcoat, a short- or long-​sleeved polo shirt, a leather belt, and a badge bearing the school logo. All students have a choice of trousers, and girls may also choose to wear a winter dress or summer skirt. Students wear the ceremonial uniform for special events such as open days, awards ceremonies, Christmas dinners or visits to the school by special guests. On such occasions, boys wear a jacket, tie, shirt, and trousers, while the girls’ ceremonial uniform includes a skirt and tights.

For grammar school students who live in the dormitories the ceremonial uniform and certain optional accessories and items of clothing are included in the tuition fees.

For grammar students who commute to the school the ceremonial uniform is included in the tuition fees.

We accept orders for uniforms once a year at the beginning of April. Students can collect new uniforms during the last week of the holidays and the first week of school. We also organise a school uniform swap, which takes place during the first week of the school year and at the end of the first term.