For us, helping others is a natural part of everyday life. According to their knowledge and skills, our students provide help where it is needed. This gives them a sense of responsibility for the world they live in. At the same time, it teaches them to look at complex social situations through the eyes of others.

Students choose for themselves where to direct their help. They can join a project that the school is already running, or they can create something of their own. For example, our students take care of sick children and seniors, visit retirement homes, and clean up the countryside.

We collaborate with the following institutions and facilities:

Mukařov Home for Senior Citizens

During the years of our collaboration many friendships have been made between residents and students. Students talk with senior citizens or read to them from their favourite books. Simply spending time together is the most important thing.

Pod Kavčí Skálou Home for Senior Citizens in Říčany near Prague

Students also travel to Říčany, not far from Prague, to visit senior citizens. They play board games, sing, and paint with the residents. The students prepare a programme called Travel Mania, where they share their travel experiences with the senior citizens.

Oliva Children’s Sanatorium in Říčany near Prague

In the facility nicknamed 'Olivovna', students help children with foreign language learning.

Mukařov Primary School and Nursery School

Students help out in English lessons in the primary school and nursery school in the neighbouring village of Mukařov.

Stránčice Primary School and Mnichovice Primary School

In these schools students help run an English Language Club.

Kolovraty Nursery School and Benice Nursery School

The students teach children in Kolovraty and Benice indirectly during playtime.


We also value taking care of our local environment. For this reason, we cooperate with the Babice Municipal Authority and help with waste collection and the organisation of various events (such as running races) in the village. We also collaborate with the local nursery school.


Usually towards the end of the school year, a group of students travels to India to our partner school Dirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai. They help with the restoration of villages and local infrastructures, as well as with education – teaching various skills such as English or working with computers.

Banát, Romania

Each year a group of seventh-year students travels to Banát in Romania to learn about the life of the Czech community in this remote corner of Europe. The main base is in Eibentál, but students also visit other local Czech villages. Our students provide help in various ways, mostly to the local children by donating school supplies, computers or bikes. They have also helped with the construction of a local playground.

Open Gate

Students also help each other. They volunteer in the school library, tutor younger children, help out with after-school care and organise various events. Valentine’s Day, Christmas dinners and International Children’s Day have become regular and inseparable parts of the life of an Open Gate student.

Světluška (Firefly) Foundation

Each September Open Gate students take part in a national fundraising event to aid the blind and visually impaired.


We first sold poinsettias on the school premises in Christmas 2013. Following that year's successthe sale of 'Christmas Stars' has become a traditional part of our seasonal holiday activities. We donate the proceeds to the public charity association Sdružení Šance which uses the funds to assist young patients and their families during treatments and extended stays at the Haematology-Oncology Unit of the Children’s Clinic at the Olomouc University Hospital.