OG Buddy Programme

Buddies for Newcomers

Right at the beginning of the school year, every student in prima (the first year of the eight-year grammar school) is assigned its „Buddy“, a mentor in a higher year. The same applies to students who transfer to Open Gate from another school in a higher year. Because we are aware that every new beginning can face complications and we want our newcomers to not be afraid to ask about anything. An older schoolmate, with whom the newcomer needn’t be shy, is a great source of information for them. 

Naturally, participation in the Buddy Programme is completely voluntary. But since the students themselves have inspired us to set up the programme, they are keen to use it. It has simply turned out that, for our newcomers, attending Open Gate is often a major change in their life and they need a bit of help with the change. We have therefore asked students from kvarta to sexta (the fourth to sixth years of the grammar school) to put their hand to the plough and the result is just splendid. Since then, the Buddy Programme has been an inseparable part of Open Gate.

Naturally, all students can also approach their class teacher, their group tutor, and the school’s Counselling Centre. The Buddy Programme is just another helping hand we offer them.