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Friday news from grammar school

We started the week with a regular assembly on Monday, and since it was the European Brain Day, our colleagues had prepared interesting activities and competitions for practicing and challenging this part of our body. Thank you

Friday news from grammar school

This week’s senior assembly was again dedicated to a more serious topic – malignant diseases. Interesting and educational, thank you!

Friday news from grammar school

One of which was Monday’s morning assembly for the lower school, this time prepared by guests from an animal rescue station

Friday letter from grammar school

It is definitely worth mentioning last year and look at whose dreams we have fulfilled. I recall that we raised over 1.5 million Czech crowns and helped, among others, Michalka, Vašek, Simonka and Lukáš.

Valentine’s Day assembly with another special guest

Today’s Assembly took place on Valentine’s Day.

Semi-annual news from grammar school

The main event of this week was held today, on Thursday, when the semester certificates were handed to our students.

Friday Letter

Today we’ll begin with the most important event of this week and that is the launch of our new OPEN GATE website!

Grant applications | Open Gate Grammar School

The Kellner Family Foundation will accept applications for grants for the Open Gate eight-year grammar school again until 1 March this year.

Friday News

Today, we’ll briefly look at the past five days but also at the events in the close future.

Kvarta Visits the Jewish Museum in Prague

In December, Kvarta A and B visited the Jewish Museum in Prague, and had the unique opportunity to speak with Mr. Brod, a holocaust survivor.

Friday News

The year 2019 started in the month of winter which is clear when you look out of the window. You can see white all around.