Counselling Services

The professional staff at the Counselling Services are considerate and offer support. They accompany pupils and students throughout the entire duration of their studies at Open Gate. They try to prevent difficulties at school or in life, and they strive to uncover any difficulties at an early stage and provide counsel on how to successfully cope with them. They are also available for the rest of the members of the Open Gate team as well as for the parents and guardians of pupils and students.

We also operate our own Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling Centre directly on campus. However, we are aware that sometimes this is not enough. For this reason, we cooperate with an extensive team of psychologists, special educators, speech therapists, coaches, psychotherapists, and art therapists. Where needed, we are not afraid to engage external specialists or professional organisations.

We are one of the few Czech schools that offers such a comprehensive level of care. We want to offer our students the best individual care because we know that the knowledge that our students take away from our school is not the only thing that is important: we accompany them so that they have developed into mature, content, self-confident, and happy people.

Open Gate Counselling Services

  • Consultation and counselling services for primary school pupils and grammar school students, their parents/guardians, teachers, and housemasters
  • Care for students/pupils who require special support
  • Proactive prevention of academic difficulties
  • Resolution of educational or behavioural problems
  • Prevention of high-risk behaviour
  • Assistance in resolving extraordinary situations
  • Social counselling
  • Career counselling
  • Relationship and personal counselling
  • Psychological and therapeutic support

Primary School Services

Grammar School Services

Services for the Public

Counselling Services Team

Dominika Adamová
Head of Counselling Services, School Counsellor and Therapist
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Natália Marta Balogová
Head of the Science Department, Mathematics, Science and IB ESS Teacher
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Petra Bílková
Psychologist for the primary and grammar schools and the Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling Services
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Draga Čermáková
Housemistress, Counsellor for Students Staying in the Dormitory, Grammar School Therapist
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Stanislav Červený
Primary School Teacher; Behavioural Counsellor
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Jiřina Hampejsová
Pedagogical Assistant: Learning Support Center at secondary school; School Preventist
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Irena Henslová
Grammar School Assistant Teacher , Head Librarian
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Monika Juchová
Behavioural Counsellor, Special Needs Teacher, Grammar School Speech Therapist
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Hana Keharová
Grammar School Teaching Assistant
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Jenny Lees
College and Career Counsellor
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Tereza Matoušková
Grammar School Teaching Assistant
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Kristýna Procházková
English Teacher, Community Service Coordinator, CAS and EE, Career Counsellor
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