Primary School

In the world of education, we present a unique opportunity for those who seek a high level of education and at the same time desire the personal space that gives them the opportunity to develop other areas of their interest as well.


Open Gate welcomed 103 primary school pupils and 302 grammar school students to its 18th school year

Open Gate welcomed 103 primary school pupils and 302 grammar school students to its 18th school year

Petra Dobešová, previously the managing director of OPEN GATE - gymnázium a základní škola, s.r.o., has been named the Head of Open Gate School. The school has a stable body of teaching staff, just under a third of whom are male and a fifth of whom are native speakers of languages other than Czech.

News from Primary school

News from Primary school

What a fun week we’ve had, that’s fun F-U-N fun, here at Open Gate. On Thursday we had our annual School Spelling Bee in the theatre where 20 of the Primary School’s best spellers competed to secure a spot in the District Spelling Bee at Sunny Canadian International School.

Friday letter from Primary School

Friday letter from Primary School

Today in our classes, we had our first advent morning oases. I always feel that advent is a special time of the year. Whether you are religious or not, it still represents an important time, a time of togetherness, goodwill and sharing.

Pedagogical Team

What is an Open Gate teacher like? Above all, inspiring. The international teaching staff consists of kind, patient professionals with diverse academic and teaching experience. They bring non-traditional perspectives to teaching and are open to lifelong learning.

Enrolment and Transfers

Any preschool-aged child can be enrolled in the Open Gate Primary School. Even yours. Find out how to enrol your child and the relevant deadlines. There is the possibility to transfer to a higher Primary School year, but only if a place in the required year is available. 

Extracurricular Activities

We consider the development of each child’s talents and have a football pitch, a music rehearsal studio, a library and a swimming pool. On school days, a range of extracurricular activities are available.

Primary School Activity Groups

We offer over thirty different activity groups in the areas of sports, culture, languages, and handicrafts. This means there is something for everyone. Take a look at this year’s opportunities.


At our school cooking is varied, healthy, and tasty. Food is usually prepared using seasonal raw ingredients. Meat and vegetables are also supplied by local farmers. We also cater for students with special dietary requirements.

Open Gate Primary School Anthem

Our Primary School has its own anthem. Also every school year has its own patron – a mineral that accompanies the students throughout the year. The first year is yellow topaz, for second-year students we have chosen red jasper, the third-year students can be recognised by green emerald, fourth-year students are represented by blue aquamarine, and fifth-year students have violet amethyst.

Come and Have a Look Around

We organise a number of Open Days during the first term of the school year. If the dates are not convenient, you can arrange to visit us another day. Simply contact Open Gate Primary School’s office manager, Markéta Lepičová, by writing to or by calling to +420 606 022 546.

Life at the Open Gate