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Friday news from OPEN GATE

During the school year, you always receive the traditional Friday news from both the grammar school and the primary school at the end of the week. Today, however, let me address you in the name of the whole school.

Open Gate online

Due to the circumstances, Open Gate has temporarily become a school where we do not meet with students and teachers in the classrooms, corridors and during lunch breaks.

Friday news from grammar school

OG does not give out any fundamental statements about Covid-19. You, with your own sound judgment should decide whether and to what extent you will take into account the recommendations of health specialists and government institutions designated for this purpose.

Proms Ball 2020

22022020. What's this? That is the date of Proms Ball which took place in Lucerna.

Entrepreneurship at Open Gate

Open Gate was happy to welcome Ms. Subarna Gupta, motivational speaker and educator to our Senior Assembly on 10.2.

Performance Poet Paul Delaney Visits Open Gate

We were happy to welcome poet Paul Delaney all the way from the U.K. to our Juniour Assembly on 3. 2.

Foreign Academic Programs

Our students met a representative from Oxbridge Programs.

News from Open Gate

This letter is a bit shorter as a forerunner of the next, more comprehensive one, reporting on educational outcomes in the first half of the year.

NO TABOO Conference Open Gate

One never knows what he will have to overcome in life.