Friday news from grammar school

Dear parents and legal guardians, supporters of our school,

As you already know, there will be more space at Open Gate the following two weeks, because classes from Kvinta to Octava are switching to distance learning. We have already shared all information with students and legal guardians, and we believe that we have adequately prepared for the upcoming situation. Prima to Kvinta students will stay on full-time ​in person mode, and their learning will take place in an almost unchanged form. The only significant limitation is the ban on sports activities; therefore, students will spend their PE lessons walking outside and engaging in non-sport activities. Fortunately, the position of our school directly encourages spending time outdoors, and even the weather forecast is still quite reasonable. Music education lessons will take place without singing for the time necessary. Our free-time activities will also be affected by new precautions. We are forced to cancel all after-school sports activities (except for horseback riding, during which a two-meter distance can be maintained). As ​for non-sports activities, it is possible to sustain a maximum attendance of 10 people, and the only limitation will thus be the already implemented wearing of masks. Singing activities are an exception, and they too cannot be held. We are prepared to move some free-time activities online for students from Kvinta to Octava (e.g. chess, musical instrument lectures, etc.). In case of interest, please contact the activity leader. We are currently preparing other necessary precautions concerning Covid, specifically measuring the temperature of our students. 

Although it may not seem so due to the aforementioned information, student life flows as usual, even in the current situation. And it does not take place solely inside the classrooms, but also outside of them. For example, Kvarta students had the opportunity to practice how to act in the case of a car accident, thanks to first aid training under the leadership of medics from Zdravotnická záchranná služba v Praze. They exercised both the treatment of an open fracture with heavy bleeding and the first aid during a sudden collapse in real-life situations using very convincing ​simulations. Some groups did better, some worse, and most of them would survive any of these injuries in the end.

In conclusion, I would like to share once more what brought me joy this week in school. From a whole variety of options, I will mention just Wednesday night’s planning of the graduation ball with Octava students, which took about an hour and a half, as opposed to the anticipated 30 minutes. The excitement and original ideas of our oldest students, together with their willingness to ​discuss real solutions, made me look forward to the ball already. Next week, we will have a meeting in Lucerna, having booked two ​potential dates for now. Besides the usual one - 26. 2. 2021, we would like to book a later date, preferably around the first week of June. We want to do as much as we can for the graduation ball in this uncertain era.

I wish you a pleasant weekend from Open Gate,