Tuition Fees | Primary School

Open Gate is a private school, so we can't do without tuition fees. 

For the school year 2023/2024, the annual tuition fee for the Primary School amounts to CZK 195,000.
From the 2024/2025 school year the annual Primary School tuition fee will be CZK 215,000.

In addition to the regular education, the tuition fee includes:

  • one-day events within the educational curriculum, including transport and entrance fees
  • learning texts and other teaching materials available in the school library
  • consultations with the school psychologist and special needs teacher

Tuition fees are usually paid in two instalments: by July 15th for the first semester of the upcoming school year and by December 15th for the second semester of the current school year.

Open Gate offers a scholarship for 5th grade students of Open Gate Primary School who have successfully completed the admission process to our eight-year Grammar School and are interested in entering Prima at Open Gate Grammar School in the following school year. 

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