Tuition Fees

Since Open Gate is a private school, we cannot manage without tuition fees. However, thanks to The Kellner Family Foundation, we can offer need-​based and academic scholarships to students of our eight-​year grammar school. Since the grammar school was founded in 2005, social scholarships have been granted to 329 students.

The annual tuition fees for first-​year students and new transferees for the school year 2019/​2020 are CZK 195,000.

As well as regular teaching, the tuition fees also cover:

  • All-​day events as a part of the learning experience, including transport and admission fees
  • Textbooks, including both learning texts and other teaching materials available in the school library,
  • Consultations with the school psychologist and a special needs teacher.

The tuition fees are usually paid in two instalments. By 15 July prior to the start of the school year for the first term, and by 15 December of the current year for the second term.