School Uniform

Open Gate is among the few Czech schools where the students wear school uniform. You can therefore always recognise our students, whether they are at school or participating in a school event. We see uniform as being fair for all students - our students don’t feel pressured to keep up with fashion, they don’t have to worry about what to wear or what their classmates wear, and so they can concentrate on the things that are truly important at school.

Our school uniform is designed to be comfortable and practical. It is made up of 62 different pieces of clothing, which the students can combine as they please. They can choose between long and short sleeves, a skirt, trousers or shorts, a jumper, a waistcoat or a jacket, and various accessories such as a leather belt or a badge with the school logo. For certificate award ceremonies, open days, theatre festivals, and other occasions, students wear a special occasion uniform. This uniform is comfortable and comes in various forms.

The uniforms for primary school students are not covered by the tuition fees and parents must purchase them separately.