School Uniform

Open Gate is one of the few schools in the Czech Republic where school uniforms are worn. So you will know our pupils at a glance, whether they are at school or at a school event. We see school uniform as a fundamentally democratic thing. It makes it so that none of our pupils have to feel bad about not having just the latest model of trousers. Equally, children don't have to worry about what they are wearing and what their classmates are wearing. They can concentrate on what's really important at school.

We designed the school uniform to be comfortable and practical. It consists of 62 different pieces of clothing that can be combined to suit your taste. Pupils can choose between long and short sleeves, skirts or trousers with long and short legs, a jumper, a waistcoat or a jacket and various accessories such as a leather belt or a badge with the school logo. For report cards, Open days, theatre festival and other important occasions, pupils wear a formal uniform. It is also comfortable and offers different variations.

For primary school pupils, the purchase of the uniform is not included in the school fees, parents purchase it separately.

You can see the school uniform in the catalogue, where you will also find the rules for wearing it:

Notice to parents and other legal representatives of pupils: We have created an E-shop for ordering school uniform.