Open Gate
Grammar School and Primary School

We help students discover their distinctive talent and to develop freely. We offer an excellent start to future researchers, artists, engineers, and athletes.

Vacancies in the Open Gate School

A unique, innovative, ambitious IB school focused on a student-centred learning approach is currently seeking new colleagues due to an increasing student body.


The OG Chronicle

The new edition of the OG Chronicle offers insight into a wide variety of interesting topics, from American politics to international hockey to artificial intelligence and street dance culture in the Czech Republic.

Friday news from grammar school

The colder days certainly did not bother our Oktáva students, as they were sweating enough anyway. The International Baccalaureate exams continued on Monday. That morning, Psychology (two tests at a high level) was written, with Mathematics in the afternoon. That continued on Tuesday, with German in the afternoon.

Iran in OG Café

Taking Open Gate to Iran would be very difficult indeed, but on Thursday 2. 5. four Septima students managed to bring Iran to Open Gate.

Primary School

We take children as they are and help them discover their best qualities. Through knowledge of the world and of their own personalities, we open up the gates to an enriched life.

Grammar School

We teach the way we ourselves would like to be taught: interactively, in small teams, emphasising personal development and talent. We prepare students for the Czech school leaving examination as well as the International Baccalaureate.


Thanks to the generous scholarships granted by The Kellner Family Foundation, we also provide superior education to the school’s students who are unable to pay the school fees.

The Student’s Profile

We teach students to know the world and themselves. We guide them towards independence, responsibility, and critical thinking. This is why they pass the International Baccalaureate and the Czech school leaving examination with flying colours and continue at prestigious universities.

School Campus

State-of-the-art laboratories, a music rehearsal studio, a school theatre, and a library with a broad range of publications. But also a swimming pool, a fitness club, a playing field, and a sportshall. We think of every talent and how to develop it.

International Baccalaureate

We prepare students for the International Baccalaureate and the Czech state school leaving examination. Towards the end of their Open Gate attendance they decide which of the examinations they want to complete, frequently opting for both.

Student Dormitories

We offer lodging in the school’s living quarters to grammar school students right on campus. We can therefore accept students from across the Czech Republic. Lifelong friendships are forged here in this close-knit community.

Academic Clubs

Academic clubs are managed by students who want to gain a much deeper insight into the discipline of their dreams. Together, they take internships, invite experts from industry and learn every detail of their subjects.

Counselling Services

We offer help of psychologists, coaches, therapists and other specialists to students and all others connected with Open Gate. Almost every one of us needs advice sometimes, both on school and on life issues.

School Bus

For students who commute, we provide a school bus to take pupils and students from Prague to Babice and back on school days. The bus is also used for various excursions and events outside the school grounds.


Právě vychází nové číslo školního časopisu The OG Chronicle. Nové vydání nabízí širokou škálu zajímavých témat od americké politiky, přes mezinárodní hokej, po umělou inteligenci a umění street dance…

Ze života studenta Warwicku | Václav Benedikt Loula, absolvent Open Gate School, student University of Warwick, obor Philosophy. Ve svém prvním příspěvku jsem popsal obecnou atmosféru na Warwicku.…

Jako každý červen i letos vyrazili kvartáni na legendami opředenou sportovní expedici Ostr/off 🧗‍♀️🥾🏕. #gymnaziumopengate