We help students discover what they excel at and we allow them to develop freely.

In the world of education, we present a unique opportunity for those who seek a high level of education and at the same time desire the personal space that gives them the opportunity to develop other areas of their interest as well.

Primary School

We take children as they are and help them discover their best qualities. Through knowledge of the world and of their own personalities, we open up the gates to an enriched life.

Grammar School

We teach the way we ourselves would like to be taught: interactively, in small groups, and emphasizing personal development and talent. We prepare students for both the Czech school-leaving examination as well as the International Baccalaureate examinations.


Thanks to the generous scholarships granted by The Kellner Family Foundation, we also provide superior education to students of the school who are unable to pay the tuition fees.

Every parent wants the best for their children. At Open Gate, we strive to be the best choice when it comes to education. We see each child as a whole, complex personality, with desires and dreams, and strengths and weaknesses. We help connect students with their talents and thus use the potential they come to us with.
Petra Dobešová Open Gate School Principal

Pedagogical Teams

What is an Open Gate teacher like? Above all, inspiring. The international teaching staff consists of kind, patient professionals with diverse academic and teaching experience. They bring non-traditional perspectives to teaching and are open to lifelong learning.

Student Dormitories

We offer on-campus housing to Grammar School students, right on the campus in Babice near Prague. We can accept students from all over the Czech Republic. Real friendships for life are formed here.

School Bus

For students who commute, we provide a school bus to take pupils and students from Prague to Babice and back on school days. The bus is also used for various excursions and events outside the school grounds.

Life at Open Gate