Friday News

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate

This year’s 15th Friday greetings are here to inform you about another five work days and not just in Babice. The standard late autumn continues, weather changes all the time, temperatures are slightly above zero, and it does not look like they’ll rise anytime soon.

At the Monday morning assembly, Petra Dobešová introduced the creators of a new motivational planner (Doller), and they talked not only about their idea and product but also about their previous studies and the way they decided on the business itself.

On Monday the Science Fair project took place, displaying the best student projects in the field of natural sciences. All the information is here, so I won’t discuss this subject in detail now: I would just like to thank all the students, colleagues, speakers and guests involved. It was an extraordinary and successful event. Thanks! And great congratulations to the winning projects (Results 2017). By the way, Mr. Greitak just sent a thank-you email to all those who participated in the event and named exactly what they were working on. There are almost fifty names!

On Monday, this year's first issue of our successful school newspaper OG Chronicle (OGNotes, KrOGnika) was published, full of interesting articles in four languages - English, German, Spanish, and Czech.

The evening was full of carol signing again. Christmas is getting closer every minute.

On Tuesday, our swim team representatives took part in traditional Christmas races in Čelákovice. And what were the results? Great as usual. Nine medals, including the top five places. Good job!

Prima students made an unusual winter trip to the ZOO, and it went amazingly. A total of 156 visitors (including 40 of ours) definitely did not block the views nor scare the animals, who were, therefore, unusually active.

On Wednesday, the Tercie students went on a history excursion and today together with Kvarta to the film Dancer with a follow-up workshop. Meanwhile, another round of the regional floorball league and the Christmas workshop in the dorms took place yesterday. At the same time, there was the 3rd annual Christmas volleyball tournament.

If we understand that there are students involved in Science Fair, writing in a school magazine, representing at various sports events and doing various other activities, (many of them are involved in all of the above) we can see that a highly motivated young person can never get bored here. On the contrary, he has the possibility to develop in all kinds of directions.

Plus we’re still baking and baking the Christmas treats (photos on FB), which will be available to taste and buy at the Christmas Revue.

With that said, on to next week. For the first time, there are not just traditional Christmas dinners (primary school and gymnasiums), but due to the growing number of students this year, there are three (gymnasium divided into two parts). Therefore, from Monday to Wednesday, we’re awaiting a wonderful time together in a special, holiday atmosphere. We can remember the last year here:

On Wednesdays after dinner, do not forget to arrive at OG Christmas Revue in our sports hall. We look forward to seeing you!

Last time I promised a TED talk and I saw a lot of interesting posts, but not some truly Christmas one. So if you are interested, take a look at some according to your preferences and mood.

Enjoy the third advent weekend and look forward to next Thursday and a final look back on 2017.

Petr Chára