Students’ International Baccalaureate results place OPEN GATE among the best high schools

This year’s graduates from the last year of the OPEN GATE Boarding School located in Babice in Central Bohemia know their International Baccalaureate (IB) results. They fared excellently in an international benchmarking event involving more than 119,000 students from 2,000 schools all over the world. The global average of the results achieved for the IB diploma was 29.83 points this year. OPEN GATE students can boast of an unbelievable 36 points on average, making their school one of the best in the world under the IB program. A total of 16 Open Gate students took the individual IB exams this academic year. Nine of them took the full set of the exams (the ‘IB Diploma’), and two students scored as many as 40 and 43 points, respectively, out of the total 45 possible.

“The world’s best universities will undoubtedly be interested in OPEN GATE graduates, since many of them take the IB exams and the achieved point scores into consideration in their admission procedures,” Peter Nitsche, Head of OPEN GATE – Grammar and Primary School, comments on the Internal Baccalaureate results.

OPEN GATE has been authorized to provide instruction under the two-year International Baccalaureate (IB) program since January 2009. The Czech Ministry of Education recognizes the IB as a regular school leaving examination, and OPEN GATE students can therefore choose to take the standard Czech state leaving examination or the IB, or both, at the close of their study. For this academic year, a total of 17 students left the school following completion of the last year; 16 of them took the Czech state leaving examination.

“The results of the school leaving examinations have surpassed last year’s excellent results and all students have passed with the “Excellent” or “With Honors” rating,” Peter Nitsche adds with regards to the results of the Czech state leaving examinations.

The Kellner Family Foundation, run by Mrs. Kellnerová and Mr. Kellner, financially supports many students, primarily those who come from incomplete families or children’s homes, in their studies at OPEN GATE.