Geocaching as a preparation for EDIE expedition

During the EDIE program we have learnt to use GPS navigation. To test our skills we used the network of hidden boxes called Geocaching.

On the 14th of April we set out on a bleak afternoon into the surrounding woods to find hidden treasures. We chose three caches around Babice, and we divided into three groups and set off. The members of the first group were Jirka Vebr, Filip Chalupa and Pavel Munduch. They chose the cache near the children’s health institute, Olivovna, in Říčany. It was a small box with the difficulty and terrain of one and a half. It was called „Olivovna, the children’s health institute“ and the group found it after a short while. The cache „The Říčany cabin“ was retrieved by Zuzka Leopoldová and Honza Chalupný. This box was a bit more difficult than the first one, but they were also successful. The last group was Nikol Chadimová a Kristýna Hříbalová. Their task was to find the treasure hidden near Strašín. It was called “The valley of crayfish,” and after a short search it was also successfully found.

In spite of the rain we all found our caches, and therefore, we learnt to work with  GPS navigation. We can now use their services during the June EDIE expedition.