Friday news from grammar school

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate.

The first full week of November is ending, which means that Halloween and Dušičky are over, the first Advent Sunday is three weeks away and in six weeks and a bit, Christmas awaits us. There's always something to look forward to. But before that, you can look forward to plenty of news and information on a range of events and activities, and work and life at OG.

Let me mention two upcoming events for the beginning.

For graduates - this year's reunion, Saturday 21.12. at 18.00, U Havrana (for the last time, next time we won't fit).

For the public - 14.11 (so in less than a week) is Open House day. From 14.30 you will be given tours by our students, from 16.00 there will be a joint meeting in the sports hall whether you are interested either in elementary school or high school, and from 16:30 there will be a separate program for those interested in elementary school and more than 10 different information points for those interested in high school.

Now, of course, there must be the yet unmentioned weather report for the end of the working week. It was nice with no extremes, temperatures up to 15 degrees, the sun was shining beautifully yesterday, and today it is darker and cloudy, but no rain.

Before we jump into this week, I would like to remind you that the OG regional round of the Logical Competition took place last Friday. A successful event, from which we will send our envoys to the finals at the Prague Castle on 25.11. Thank you, and congratulations!

The week after the holiday began with an assembly of older students. This time it was on a more serious note - the IB Group 4 Project natural science outputs were presented by a number of our Oktáva student teams, and now there's practically nothing we don't know about different types of potatoes from a physical, chemical, biological and environmental point of view. Thank you.

Speaking of Oktáva, there were final interviews this week about concluding their studies at Open Gate, how they are doing in each subject, where their next study paths are heading, and what is and will still have to be done to make their dreams come true. Lots of interesting and inspiring interviews.

The process of enrollment for the 2020 maturita also officially started this week, and now the whole system is being administered, as next week Oktáva students will receive the application form and we will continue.

But we don't only have Oktáva at OG, of course. And so here is a selection of interesting events from other classes. For example, Septima were able to get acquainted with the possibilities of studying in Italy yesterday. Today there are also workshops for Sexta. Kvarta students studying Spanish enjoyed the Fiesta Flamenca on Tuesday. Participants of the DofE program, the Duke of Endinburgh Award, attended the Wednesday ceremony in Prague, and all events will certainly be more detailed in news and photos on FB. Prima went to Minor Theater, and our footballers played in a football tournament. And of course everyone worked hard, as next week is the end of the first quarter and with it the first more comprehensive assessment of this year's progress.

You can see for yourself that there’s no time to be wasted, as besides the actual lessons all academic clubs and extracurricular activities are running, and other joint events are planned.

These include a visit to the University Fair on 12.11 at the International School of Prague, where representatives of universities from the USA and UK will be represented, and further visits by these representatives directly at OG or the "Pancake Day" on Thursday at the dormitories.

More information next week.

Until then, have a nice time and speaking for the whole OG team, have a nice autumn weekend.