Friday news from grammar school

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate.

The jubilee tenth Friday report is coming exactly at the midpoint of November. This year Saint Martin was quite successful, so we have already experienced the first snow. Unfortunately, the snow and temperature drop also comes with morning frost on the road, so let us, the drivers, be very careful, especially in the morning. But at the weekend we are awaiting temperatures above ten degrees, so there is no danger of anything similar.

Monday morning’s assembly for the lower high school was devoted to literature and one specific genre: the detective story. We would like to thank our colleagues from the Czech language and literature department.

On Tuesday, Prague hosted a foreign universities fair which was attended by a large group of our students, especially from Septima and Oktáva. They had the opportunity to meet with representatives not only from Europe, but also from the USA and Asia. Speaking of universities and thus graduates, it is certainly worth mentioning two articles that were published in the Czech and American (international) press and concern two of our former students. You can read about Thea at Cambridge and Leos in the US at

And when you are there, check out the OG’s participation in Velká Kunratická. You will also find an invitation to the PREF 2019 Education Conference at the Prague Exhibition Center, Výstaviště, where you can meet representatives from OPEN GATE.

On Wednesday, among other things, the national testing of Tercie students in environmental education took place, the school was visited by a representative of another international university with campuses in the USA and Europe, our volunteers went to the Alzheimer Center as a community activity and we were already preparing for the Open House Day.

After a rainy Wednesday, we were greeted by a sunny Thursday, a perfect day to visit our premises. Everything went smoothly, lots of students and colleagues took part, so thanks to all and especially to you, the visitors, for coming. The next opportunity will be in January, but you can visit at any time by appointment for an individual visit.

The Pancake competition took place in the dormitories that evening, and the results and pictures will surely follow soon.

It is the end of the first quarter of this school year and colleagues are already writing evaluations on ManageBac, so you can see and decide who you want to visit in the last week of November in class meetings and teacher consultations.

Sunday is the thirtieth anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and we will commemorate it on Monday with a special project including an assembly for the whole school. You can commemorate the event over the weekend in whichever way and whichever place you choose. Without freedom and democracy, there would simply be no OPEN GATE and our children would not have the opportunities they have. What more could we want? Perhaps only more and more news from our school, and I can certainly promise you that.

For my colleagues, I wish you a nice, relaxing and stress-free weekend.

Petr Chára

PS: Our students leave for India on Saturday for 2 weeks (watch, and on Monday another group leaves for Berlin.