Our students successfully represented Open Gate in the rhetorical contest Mlady Demosthenes

Today our students took part in a popular rhetorical contest called Mlady Demosthenes (Young Demosthenes; http://www.mladydemosthenes.cz/index.php). Its regional round took place in our school for the second time and we hope that our co-operation with the organisers of the contest will continue in future years as well. Open Gate had its representatives in all age categories – Kristyna Smerdova (Prima A) represented the youngest group, Adam Polanek (Kvarta) was the representative of the elder group in the lower gymnasium, Ibolya Běláková (Sexta) on the other hand the younger group of the upper gymnasium and finally Pham Tuan Anh (Septima) competed in the group for the eldest students.

I am very pleased that all our students successfully represented our school in the regional round and that all of them were nominated from the first position to the county round. We will have to work hard now in order to succeed in much greater competition.

We congratulate all of our students and wish them the very best in the next round.

Lenka Chárová Zahořová