Friday news

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate,

This beautiful Spring weather looks set fair to last over the weekend, so let’s make the most of it as the forecast for the following few days looks rather suspect.

None of us knew what a “Gruffalo” was until we were enlightened by Miss Drabkova and her Monday morning assembly presented by the students of Prima. This colourful dramatic presentation not only extended the junior school’s English vocabulary but was also a lot of fun. Congratulations and appreciation to all who took part.

On Tuesday our Drama Club gave two performances to a wider public in the Uhrineves Theatre and was a deserved success, what else!

Look out for the upcoming Photo documentation on our pages reporting the annual Open Gate Swimming Gala. Records were once again broken at this well attended tournament. Congratulations not only to the victors but to all who participated. Mention must go too to the students who designed and made the victors’ trophies. Be sure not to miss them when you visit the report.

Thursday’s assembly took the novel form of a fashion parade and show. So much work must have gone in to its preparation; this was a true spectacle. Well done and thanks to the students of Prima and Kvinta for all their efforts.

Two gentlemen, one from Drew University (New Jersey) Mr Radek Coufal, and Mr Mark Kopensky – Director of student recruitment internationally - visited us on Thursday. Among other matters discussed and presented, one of our Oktava students was offered a most generous scholarship, from Mr Coufal on behalf of Drew university in order to enable him to take up studies there. Mr Kopensky has more than thirty years ’recruitment experience in tertiary education pertaining to American and British universities both. He currently leads his own consulting agency working alongside universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia, China and Vietnam. He has to date visited literally thousands of schools in 163 countries and it gave us great pleasure to welcome him to Open Gate where he reported that our students’ academic prowess and behaviour left only the best impressions on him.

Management were invited to visit Drew University in June where further matters of recruitment and scholarships will be discussed in detail leading to future close cooperation.

And a “Bienvenue” to those twenty French students visiting us from our partner school from Rosteren in Bretagne.

Depending upon the weather forecast Open Gate will hold the annual “Run and Help,” either on Wednesday 5th or Thursday 6th April. Sunshine and warmth would be ideal. To remind yourselves of the fun to be had on this event please refer to our Facebook site and the web too:

Our current Maturita class faces their final three weeks of in-school study; after that it all begins – State Maturita and International Baccalaureate examinations. Good luck to them all.

Enjoy the April weather, and until next time, all best wishes.

Peter Nitsche.