News from grammar school

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates, and Friends of Open Gate.

Spring is back in its full beauty, the sky is clear, temperatures are close to twenty, this year's Jubilee 30th Friday letter is here and this year's Easter holidays are just around the corner.

This week was shorter due to the Easter holidays beginning tomorrow, but the program was very varied. This is mainly due to the entrance exams, in our case for the eight-year high school. These were held yesterday all day and today they will continue until the evening. As you may know from our website, they have several parts: a state part (standarized state tests from Czech language and Mathematics) and a school part (IQ test and an interview). The school will continue with other interviews after Easter. Our admissions procedure is thorough, sophisticated, comprehensive and consistent.

By the way, the marathon enrollment process for our primary school has already been completed, and there is a list of our future first graders on the website. Congratulations, welcome!

In addition to these demanding preparations for future and students, the program for our current students continues of course. Among other things, a traditional Monday assembly was held, this time organized by colleague Ms. Procházková, reminding students of the lower high school about the community activities of our school. Thank you! In ten days, we will repeat all of it at the assembly for older students, naturally adapted to their age and greater awareness and involvement.

On Monday, we also went running to the junior marathon and Kvinta went to seek culture in Prague.

Another practical first aid course and another year of the German, Spanish and French traditions fair took place on Tuesday. You can find all of it on FB. I would remind you that there is a link to the latest OG newspaper and I recommend reading the article about Mikuláš Benda, our graduate, who once again confirms that the study of medicine is really difficult and is intended for extremely hardworking and resilient students.

Now let's go to the next major events that are waiting for us next week.

RUN and HELP takes place on Tuesday after the Easter holiday. There are routes planned both inside the OG area as well as outside of it in the Babice Forest. Since it is clear to us that you cannot join us, we have another way to incorporate you. A beautiful and sunny weekend awaits us, so take a walk or a run and on Wednesday or Thursday and during next week’s class meetings you can contribute to the RUN and HELP box in Mrs. Schramlová’s office. Thank you very much in advance. There is, of course, another option that some of you have followed in previous years. You can make a donation straight to Konto Bariéry within this event; let us know how much it was and we'll add it to the total of our charity run. So it's all up to you.

The second main event is the class meetings mentioned before, to which you have certainly received an invitation. Come, we’ll be glad to see you.

And now I just want to wish you nice Easter, whether you are celebrating it in Christian, Celtic or Slavic traditions. Or even if you’re not celebrating at all. Enjoy it and look forward to the next news from OPEN GATE next Friday.

Until next time,