Friday Letter

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates, and Friends of Open Gate.

The fourth week of January is coming to an end, the temperatures below zero correspond to the season, and we hope that another Friday newsletter will warm you up.

Today we’ll begin with the most important event of this week and that is the launch of our new OPEN GATE website!

Without exaggeration, it can be said that a THUMB is the most important organ of the present age. Yes, the thumb on a hand, left or right, according to preferences. We use thumbs to control smartphones where most of today's generation looks for information, among many other things. Anyone can now easily find out what we're referring to on our website (or Facebook, Instagram) by simple moving one’s thumb. However, if you are sitting at the computer at the moment, your main organ will probably be the index finger on the mouse, scrolling down.

Our new webpage is adapted to current trends and the movement of the thumb or an index finger, especially in the vertical direction, enables you to quickly move between different topics.

The new website, of course, has new graphics, a new menu, and new themes. It is compatible with all devices with different operating systems. Simply said, we have a new, modern and smart website.

The feedback we have received so far has been positive and we are still working on minor issues. Some of you may miss the old webpage, but we believe that you’ll get used to it quickly. All in all, in the world of technology nothing lasts forever.

In the “News” section you will find this week’s news from Terezín, Šumava, but also information about scholarships at our elementary school.

What's new on campus? The Monday morning assembly was again taken care of by our colleagues from the Modern Languages department (this doesn’t include Czech and English) and we took a look into the cultures of other countries. Thank you!

On Tuesday, Kvinta and Sexta were a part of a meeting on the topic of future possibilities regarding KFF scholarships.

On Thursday, this year’s second Open House Day was held. Thank you to all who arrived for your visit, and your interest and questions. For those who couldn’t come for whatever reason (and many people called us asking what to do), we urge you to contact us immediately (direct enquiries to Mrs. Schramlová) and arrange an individual meeting.

A end-of-semester pedagogical council is taking place today. Of course, I will introduce you to the results in the next few days, but until then there will be a lot of interesting happenings.

Next week there is another event being held, and if you haven’t notices on our FB page, I’m adding information directly from Dominika Adamová.

Next Tuesday, January 29, 2019, the first all-school event called NO TABOO Conference under the organization of the Counselling Center is taking place. The subtitle of the conference is Peer Pressure. As the title of the conference suggests, all of the prepared lectures, seminars and workshops will contain discussions about topics that are not talked about very often. Students and teachers will be introduced to 17 interesting guests across professions and life fates. The conference is a part of our extended prevention program and deals with topics that are included in the international school curriculum. More information here.

I myself don’t hide any taboos in my Friday letters written for you, and I am tirelessly informing you about school events and I am keen to continue with enthusiasm. And I apologize for the little mistake that appeared in the previous letter; the IB Cafe will be held on February the 12th (not January).

So, until the next Thursday (there are holidays on Friday), have a wonderful weekend and a successful upcoming week.