Friday news from grammar school

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates, and Friends of Open Gate.

During the first week of April, the spring weather was very pleasant and encouraged outdoor activities. But these usually followed after a busy educational program with a whole lot of enlightening and interesting things.

One of them was Monday's assembly, where we had the Aloha camp organizers as guests. Thank you for visiting and sharing stimulating information!

On Monday afternoon, a group of students went to Prague's Žofín Palace, where, as part of the SingularityU Czech Summit, the KidsXO event was held by the Deliotte Startup and Innovation team. An extremely interesting afternoon included meeting with inspiring people, and at the same time the announcement of the results of the student project competition for the possibilities of innovation at Prague's Václav Havel Airport. Big congratulations to our winners.

Further support of the fact that we think seriously about innovation and technology at OG is another group of nearly 30 students who have entered a competition and biomechanics workshop at Techmania in Pilsen next week. Of course, we will report you everything.

On Monday, we had a full-time first aid course for our Kvinta students. And on Tuesday, among other things, the regional round of the Mathematical Competition was held, with two of our representatives.

Not only as part of the preparations for this year's Run and Help, me and my colleagues went for a refreshing afternoon run.  And since we have managed it several times in a row, it is slowly becoming a tradition - pleasant running Tuesdays, through Babice and the forest, straight to the dog training ground in Strašín and back, in total about 6 -7 km. Colleagues, the class teachers of our Prima students, have lead preparation for RaH very responsibly. You have already read on FB that Mrs. Procházkova and her students went to see the route, but what you did not know is that Mrs. Drábkova and her students are preparing special T-shirts. In addition, they will change these activities next week, one class will be preparing T-shirts and the other will go exploring the route of the run, and preparing tactics and strategy. Amazing, thanks!

This brings us to the main question: when will RaH 2019 be? Our April calendar is so busy with events that there is almost no day that isn’t be full. If we exclude the days when written maturita exams, first-grade enrollments, high school entrance exams and oral interviews take place, we really have little left to choose from. We have the Easter holidays, a junior marathon in Prague, two visits to the theater, a duathlon in Čelákovice, a floorball tournament, a Traditions Fair, the defense of the ZSV project, and two-day class meetings… So the day is April the 23rd, after Easter! Save the date! We will regularly inform you and watch the weather reports.

We are not proceeding completely chronologically today, but we cannot forget to mention the Jubilee 10th graduation ball, which took place last Thursday in Vinohrady in Prague. A great event as always, we all enjoyed it to the fullest, so thank you to Oktáva 2019.

So, now that this year's ball is over, we can look forward to the next one. And it will definitely be something. LUCERNA, Mecca of Czech Culture, is waiting for us for the first time in history. So, write down the magical date - 22.2.2020! Like every year, we would like to invite ALL students, parents, alumni, their partners, acquaintances and supporters. You can't miss the premiere in Lucerna. Save the date!

But now, back to April 2019. Another swimming relay took place on Wednesday, and OG representatives from the lower gymnasium finished second. A great performance, congratulations!

Yesterday, the Kvinta students had a day full of outdoor orientation and camping activities to prepare for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. At the same time, another regional round was held, this time for the Chemistry Competition and with two of our other envoys. In the afternoon, there was another presentation of the possibility of studying as part of career counselling and there was a cooking competition in the dormitories. We are definitely not bored!

In the evening, another group of our representatives took a plane to Barcelona for an international robotics competition that is held today and tomorrow. And, of course, we have not forgotten our ambassadors in India. You can keep up with everything on FB.

I would also like to remind you that next week the traditional OG Film Fest will be held, so Wednesday and Thursday are for the fans of cinematography.

You see that life on OG is really worth it and moreover, it can motivate you and turn you in whichever direction. More proof is an interview with one of our graduates; a link to it is on our FB page. And this is all for today.

Have a great time in Japan, India, Singapore, Prague, Šumava, Vysočina or Posázaví.

Beauty is everywhere so stay full of joy and think positively. After all, we have only one life to live.

Until next time,