Step Back to the History of Jews

What do you know about Jews? Are they just some people who suffered during the II World War for you? You are wrong, if you think so. The history of Jews has started a lot of centuries before the events of the middle of 20th century. They have gone through many troubles and hard decisions no one had experienced before. And as they travelled all around the world, looking for a place they belong to, they left parts of their culture and history in different countries. The Czech Republic is not an exception, and in the heart of Prague the secrets of Jews are hiding between the stones of old synagogues, waiting for people to undercover them.

Students of Kvarta A and B, together with Ms. Drábková, Mrs. Macura and Mr. Witt, had a great chance to open the door to the Jewish culture. On Thursday 2nd of March they were taken to Prague to visit part of Prague where Jews used to live during the Second World War. With the help of a guide students travelled through the history of Jews in the Czech Republic from 9th century up to present.

The first synagogue Kvarta visited was The Maisel Synagogue, which was turned into a museum. It keeps many secrets inside, and students had to look closer to see them all. The visit of the Pinkas Synagogue brought dark memories from the past. Thousands of names of dead Jews are written on the walls of the Pinkas Synagogue. Their names, the years of their death and the places, where they left our world are the only things that are left from them. The Old Jewish cemetery, which is nearby, became home to many Jewish souls.

The Old-New Synagogue, where the students of Kvarta went next, is well know as a place where the body of Golem lies. Moreover, students were shown the mysterious window through which you can get to the "Golem's room". Nevertheless, the most beautiful synagogue was left to the very end. The Spanish Synagogue surprised students with its unique and colourful design. The organ was also a part of the synagogue, which is very unusual for this type of architecture.

Students' final destination was an amazing restaurant in the middle of Prague, Restaurant Alche-Mia, owned by Mrs. Fedorova, mother of one of the Kvarta students. Starving children were glad to taste boiled chicken with mashed potatoes and strudel as a desert. Finally, after lunch students headed back to Open Gate happy and pleasantly tired.

Dasha Rodina