News from grammar school

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates, and Friends of Open Gate.

Although spring started so beautifully, warmly and optimistically last week, this week it showed its less friendly side. Temperatures dropped below 10 degrees, the sun disappeared and there was a strong wind outside. However, there’s no need to be sad, it should improve again tomorrow.

Today's news comes atypically on Thursday, the 10th graduation ball is waiting for us in the evening and tomorrow is a day off. So, we are looking forward to seeing you at the ball if you’re going, and if not, we will definitely bring you a report.

Monday began with a regular lower school assembly, and it was playful and competitive. Colleagues from the Czech language department prepared a team competition. I hope everyone enjoyed it and a great thank you to the organizers! This year's astronomical competition also took place on Monday after the assembly.

On Tuesday, our Tercie students set out for a guided tour of the Prague Zoo. Another parent café was held in the evening, this time on the possibilities of studying after OG. Along with my colleague, our career and university counselor, we experienced nearly 3 hours full of information, recommendations, opinions and queries with almost 40 parents. It was an interesting, beneficial and pleasant meeting. Thanks for visiting.

Yesterday morning saw our first IB Fair in the theatre, which was prepared for Kvinta and Sexta students and it introduced the subjects for the final two years of study. Along with a range of information that has already been provided to students at many previous meetings, the event has helped them to decide which subjects will best suit their focus, abilities and possible future study and career orientation. Thanks to all IB subjects teachers and their helpers for the preparation. In less than a year, we'll do it again.

In the evening, a group of our students went to Prague's Švandovo Divadlo for a performance with Martin Hilský.

Today marks 427 years since Jan Amos Komenský was born, so we’re celebrating Teachers' Day. Congratulations to all our colleagues all around the world.

We also have one story from the animal world here. On Monday, there was an unfortunate event, when a bird, a Yellowhammer (Strnad obecký, Emberiza citrinella) crashed the windows of the “Rome” classroom and died. Although a cat ate a part of this popular yellow singer overnight, the students of Sekunda A with the help of Daniel Strnad (funnily enough Daniel Yellowhammer in translation) buried what was left of the bird’s body nearby the place of its death. Rest in peace.

I would also like to point out that some of our Septima students are leaving for a long journey to India on Sunday. Their program will be challenging, and the enriched tracvellers will share their valuable experiences with us after they return in two weeks.

But even they will come to have some fun at the graduation ball. So, let’s go do our hair, get dressed up and we’ll see each other tonight.

Until next time,

Petr Chára