News from OG

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate,

Incredibly truncated news update from an incredibly truncated and icy November school week.

Monday’s assembly, taken by Mr Murphy dealt with the beauties and opportunities afforded to our students by the Mathematics department at Open Gate and how math can open horizons undreamt of at university level. In keeping with this the Astronomy Olympiad was held at OG yesterday; mathematics playing a major role.

We are now exactly a quarter of the way through the school year and that means that our quarterly “pedagogicka rada” is to take place tomorrow, Wednesday. At this meeting the staff will assess academic results, effort, concentration, motivation and behaviour of our students on a year-by-year, class by class basis. Due to the vehicle, “Managebac” you should be completely up to date with your child’s grades and progress; this will serve, I trust, as the foundation of any questions or concerns you may wish to discuss with teachers at the Parent/teachers’ meeting too.Details of this were outlined in last week’s letter. Nevertheless, more information at:

As I said, short, very short this time. But in ten days’ time, Friday 25th November, normal service will be resumed!

Enjoy the free days ahead, and if possible do remind your youngsters of the reasons behind the vacation.

All best wishes.Peter Nitsche.