Friday news from grammar school

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate.

One fifth of the school year is gone, the 8th week is ending and with the fall holidays October as well. The weather this week was influenced by fog and temperature inversion. When the sun managed to peek through the morning mist and clouds, it was beautiful and quite warm outside. And when it failed, it was foggy and cold as it usually is during autumn. The sky this morning is almost free of clouds. 

To begin with, let me make one announcement so that it does not fade later in the text:

OG ALUMNI - this year's gathering is on Saturday, December the 21st from 18.00 in the usual location.

Over eight weeks we have attended a number of assemblies with different topics or guests. Just before the fall holidays we had the opportunity to meet an extraordinarily interesting guest - Ladislav Zibura, a traveler and an author of books about his travels. The theater was full and the extended assembly was very engaging, interesting, inspirational and funny. Thank you for visiting us!

Last time I focused on community activities, but today we will look at career counseling at OPEN GATE. During the recent Parent's Café regarding our counseling center, the idea of ​​sharing basic and up-to-date information with you as parents has also come up. This information relates to career guidance, including internships, workshops, summer programs, etc. In addition, you will also find an overview of the meetings and events that students have the opportunity to visit as part of their career counseling, as well as a comprehensive overview of activities for all classes from Kvarta to Oktáva. Please visit this link (you have received the password in a separate email). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our career advisors, whose contact details can be found on our website.

You can also check out our FB page, where you’ll find an interview with our colleague Petra Kobrová.

I would also like to remind you that this year's first Open House day will take place in November. So if you want to recommend OG to your friends this is a unique opportunity. The students themselves will take the visitors through the OG campus and the tours will begin at 14.30, and from 16.00 meetings will be held in the school sports hall. After introductory information for all which will take about half an hour, visitors will be divided into those interested in the elementary school (who will receive further information in the premises of the elementary school), and those interested in the secondarey school, who will have the opportunity to get acquainted with it in more detail. So save the date.

Otherwise this week, among other things, a social science project for Kvinta led by colleagues from the Humanities department took place. There was another first aid workshop, a theater event for Tercie, but the main theme of the week was Halloween. Since Tuesday, we could see decorations everywhere, and yesterday many students with costumes, and a scary disco took place in the evening. We enjoyed the adopted Anglo-Saxon folk holiday together in advance, and I assume that you will experience our memorial of the deceased - “dušičky” – with family. It's coming in a week and one day, next Saturday.

And now the weekend awaits us. If you used my tip for last weekend, I assume that planting trees was a great event for you. Today I will leave no recommendation. Do what you like because many of you are waiting for a long weekend, and a week-long holiday even awaits some. There are many possibilities and whichever you chose, enjoy it to the fullest.

We are going to have a holiday, although the OG regional round of the logical competition will take place next Friday. That said, you will receive the next letter in two weeks, after that only seven remain and Christmas will come.

Another great and successful eight-week period in the history of OG passed by and we are glad that you have experienced them with us, at least through these letters.

I wish you all a beautiful autumn and a good weekend.

Until next time,