Friday news from grammar school

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates, and Friends of Open Gate.

This week was marked by the continuation of tropical temperatures, which on Wednesday evening were interrupted by a strong storm. However, the heat will continue today and during the weekend as well.

Today, the final pedagogical meeting is being held in the afternoon and so because of the preparation, this week’s letter will be solely telegraphic.

Monday's assembly was once again a karaoke party, and in my humble opinion, it was even more successful than the previous one. Thanks!

On Thursday, Kvarta left for a Sports - Geographic Course at Ostrov, Tichá, and they returned yesterday. More about this trip on our web, including a photo gallery.

Dragon boat races were held at the Hostivař reservoir on Wednesday, and our young crew held their own in competition with the older ones and took a very respectable 5th place out of 14 competitors. Congratulations!

Yesterday, Septima worked intensively on their G4 project - experiments/science research. They will present their findings in the new school year. So we are looking forward to that!

Another issue of our successful OG Chronicle magazine has also been published.

At the same time, I recommend reading a message from Vašek, our graduate currently studying in Warwick. You can find both on our website and FB page.

The passage of time was again apparent yesterday evening. We said goodbye to Mrs. Hana Halfarová, who was among those present at the formation of the Educa Foundation and the OPEN GATE project almost 17 years ago. Among other things, we reminisced about the choice of location for the school, the construction, the first Open House days in boots and work helmets, the first media visits in promotion of the emerging school, the first admission process in the center of Prague, etc. It’s been almost 15 years and the school is always growing but the memories and experiences stay. Our colleague Hanka has earned a successful end to her professional life, and to continue with a fulfilling life in retirement. Hanko, thank you very much for everything and enjoy it.

So the last purely academic week is over, and now on to class trips and student internships.

We will share the statistical summary of the academic results of education on the last day of the school, after the certificate ceremony.

Enjoy the summer weekend!

Until next time,