News from Open Gate

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Graduates and Friends of Open Gate,

A very pleasant and warm spring is still continuing here in Babice, and although we experienced some storms, no disaster has occurred here.

Our Sexta students have returned from Spain, and according to the number of views on their reports at our FB page, their short stay was really interesting to follow by all of you. Some of their classmates are still in French Brittany. But there are other interesting announcements on FB as well, including an invitation to the Blue Van Festival next Thursday, so check it out.

This week was mainly in the spirit of the grand finale of our Oktáva class. The oral part of maturita exams began on Monday morning and it quickly ended on Wednesday. Each student went through 5 exams, two in the state section and three in the school profile section. With this, maturita 2018 is behind us and the results are again very good, and for many people excellent and what was expected (in both the good and realistic sense).

As always, excellent results in the English language exam - average 1.0, standard results in profile examinations – an average of 1.29 and traditionally a bit worse results in a state exam from Czech language - 2.29. Somehow the Czech exam is simply not that easy and appealing for some of our students; I’m exaggerating, of course. Our colleagues are trying their best, but in the case of a few individuals, it sometimes does not work despite all efforts. I will leave deeper reflection to you on why our students always have straight A’s from all languages except their mother tongue on each and your own memories of maturita. But students are quite satisfied with their results, and that is the important thing. Sixty percent graduated with honors, which is absolutely beautiful, and the quarter that has straight A’s, of course, shines with happiness.

On Wednesday the graduates competed in three sporting disciplines with the teachers, yesterday they held an entertaining sporting afternoon for the whole school and in the evening a traditional barbecue took place in the dorms with all kinds of cheese, vegetables, salads and home-made lemonade prepared for them.

A final farewell is waiting for us today. It’s the tenth anniversary in the history of our school, another group of students is leaving the OG nest, where many have spent the last eight years of their lives. As always, it will be a very emotional event and it all starts in just a moment, so we're going to end our talk today.

Oktáva 2018 is in the past now (I do not mean to say dead), and it remains in our memories. On to Oktáva 2019!

Other important and interesting news from this and the upcoming week can be expected in seven days.

Now let's congratulate, applaud, say our goodbyes, hug each other, and cry a little bit.

I wish you all a pleasant weekend,

Petr Chára