Maturita results 2020

The second half of the school year 2019/2020 was a challenge for all the students and their teachers, and not only them. Distance learning, which was one of the measures taken to reduce the spreading of covid-19, changed the established order in the preparations and in the holding of the final exams itself. The teachers and 37 high-school graduates of Open Gate successfully completed the Czech high school leaving exams as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB). Thirty-tree oktava students took the Czech leaving exam in combination with the full IB Diploma Programme or with IB Course Certificates, one student finished the year with full IB Diploma, and three students chose only the Czech leaving exam.

The Czech leaving exams in the school year 2019/20 – all A’s in English and 27 graduates with distinction.

All the students chose Czech and English language for the state part of the leaving exam. And as is the tradition at Open Gate, everyone got an A from the English part. The grades from the Czech part were more varied, with students achieving an overall average of 1.6.

In the profile part, most students graduated from three subjects and one student added a fourth one. The graduates often chose science disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics or environmental studies to pass the exam. A high percentage of the students also graduated in economics and global politics; Spanish was also popular. In individual cases, the students also graduated in Germany, psychology, and aesthetic education.
The fact that Open Gate high school students were well prepared for the exam, regardless of whether they attended school or were only in online contact with their teachers, is confirmed by the achieved results: fourteen boys and girls achieved the average of 1.0. Twenty-seven of them graduated with distinction.

The International Baccalaureate IB – also this year, we have a graduate with the full score of 45 points.

A slightly more complicated situation occurred in the case of the International Baccalaureate (IB). This exam, the results of which are recognized by most foreign universities and which also supplements the entrance exam at some universities, is taken by students all over the world. This was not possible this year because of the global coronavirus pandemic and severe restrictions in some countries. The final verdict of the IB organisation had been made already in April of 2020: The final examinations will no longer be held; the graduates will be awarded a Diploma or Certificate based on their coursework. This may seem like quite a drastic decision. However, there are two years of thorough preparation before the final IB exam, so the IB organisation had enough materials to evaluate the students.

24 students completed the full IB Programme this year at Open Gate, and even this year, we can say that the results were above average. Twelve graduates achieved 40 or more points out of the total score of 45, and their overall average was almost 39 points, 38.6 to be exact. Also this year, one of the graduates, Matěj Rendla, can boast about the full score of 45 points. Other ten graduates chose from one to three subjects to complete the IB Certificates alongside the Czech leaving exam.

Further study
More than half of the graduates decided to continue their studies at universities abroad. They chose British universities the most often, then universities in the Netherlands, France, or Singapore. In the Czech Republic, our students were chosen by for example the Faculty of Medicine and the Law Faculty of Charles University.

Whether the steps of our graduates lead to the Czech universities or abroad, we have no other choice but to wish them a lot of success and joy at the new alma mater!